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    Re: Jalen Wins The Starters Nod At Oklahoma

    I am also happy for him, but I doubt I will watch any OU games because I just can't stand to watch teams that play no defense. It is a different game that they play, and I just can't watch it. I...
  2. Re: JT just shot 61 at the BMW Championship.

    JT just won a cool 1.66 million bucks and will start with the lead at next week's tour championship. Roll Tide, JT!
  3. Re: JT just shot 61 at the BMW Championship.

    Oh, man, sorry about that. Well, sit back and enjoy the show.
  4. Re: Anybody Else Both Look Forward To and Dread Scrimmage Reports?

    I expected MJ to be the solid backup to Tua. He was a pretty highly rated guy coming in, and he has time in the program. I hope the new guys can develop for future years, but I think Tua and Mac...
  5. JT just shot 61 at the BMW Championship.

    I watched Deontay Wilder knock out Brasealle in a replay earlier today, and I just watched JT shoot a 61. Tuscaloosa guys getting it done.
  6. ADMIN NOTE: Re: Everybody Please check that your registered email is valid & 'Forgot Password' in

    Surprisingly enough, no, I actually still retain that least for now.
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    Question: Re: Remember when GameDay was fun to watch?

    Yes, unfortunately, it is very much like the problem with the games themselves. They both used to be just about football. They then decided to make it more about an entertainment product and add...
  8. Question: Re: Will the Tennessee / Alabama game become relevant again?

    The UT game is still special to me each and every year, but I do not care if it ever regains national relevance because I hope we continue to kick their teeth in for years to come. In my lifetime,...
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    Re: Dabo disses SEC depth

    Well, his commentary that has apparently upset some folks is an example of his coaching as a front runner. Coaches love to make their guys feel disrespected so they can keep their guys more focused....
  10. ADMIN NOTE: Re: Everybody Please check that your registered email is valid & 'Forgot Password' in

    You and me both! I've had the same email address for a long, long time and thought I had changed it here many, many years ago. Oh well, it is updated now. I tried to update my profile page, but it...
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    Re: Dabo disses SEC depth

    He's simply trying to do anything he can to make his guys feel disrespected. He is telling them that people still don't respect them and that they have to go out on the field and earn their respect...
  12. Link: Re: 2019-2020 Alabama Preview

    I liked this preview, and I enjoyed the second preview in the comments section, too. I'm very interested to see what Oates can do in year one. Roll Tide!
  13. Re: SEC Coaches talk anonymously about Alabama and other SEC teams

    I agree. I'm pretty sure I could coach our receivers, and they would make me look like a great coach. I've always thought that people should be elsewhere if they don't want to be at Bama, and that...
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    News Article: Re: Ranking the SEC uniforms

    I know some people love LSU's uniforms, but no combination of purple and yellow ever looks good to me. Now, with that said, their helmets are definitely identifiable by any college football fan even...
  15. Re: Smash mouth?

    Okay, this is weird. I am listening to the Roundtable on Jox, and they are talking to a caller about the Andy Griffith Show, and then I read your reference to Brisco Darlin. This is Twilight Zone...
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    JessN: Re: Previews 2019: Alabama Crimson Tide

    Oh, what a bonus this Sunday morning! I wasn't expecting the ratings and reviews for a few weeks. Thanks, Jess! Now it really seems like football season is here. Roll Tide!
  17. Re: Alabama's unquestionably the #1 all-time cfb program. Your #2 through #5?

    It is funny that we Bama fans talk about the 80s as very frustrating because we didn't win any national titles, but from 80-89 we still won 85 games overall and six bowl games. Many schools would...
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    Re: USA Today / Amway Coaches Poll

    I can't imagine college football without a poll or two or three. Most college football fans love polls. If the AP or Coaches Poll or USA Today didn't create one, I imagine most of us here would...
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    Re: Urban will be a terrible analyst

    I thought that was Al Gore. Nope, sorry, he invented the internet.
  20. Re: UConn to pay AAC 17 million early exit fee.

    Isn't that an AU tradition? It's both AUdacious and AUspicious!
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    Re: Notre Dame is a product

    Even before Kirby had flirted with a few championships the last few years, I've always said that UGA fans were the absolute worst fans I have ever been around. They've always been incredibly...
  22. Question: Re: Fall Camp: Which new players will make an impact?

    Do you think these guys will beat out Robinson? Interesting. I am hoping Robinson gets equal carries with Harris this year.
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    Re: Alabama, Future Scheduling Thread

    That sounds like a place I would like to visit. Maybe I can round up some old college buds and make a three or four day trip out of it.
  24. Re: Great story about Justin Thomas' shoes for the St.Judes Fed-Ex tourney this weeke

    He hasn't been as sharp this year due to a wrist injury, but he showed some flashes at the British Open. I hope he finishes the season strong.
  25. Link: Re: Doing it bigger ... doing it harder ... doing it TOGETHER ...

    I wasn't comparing their styles as much as demonstrating how players can make drastic changes from one year to the next. Spre could handle the ball pretty well and only needed small improvement...
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