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  1. Re: Penalties.............who is the most penalized?

    Certainly the ďcompletionĒ at the 1 yard line that wasnít was highly questionable. Honestly, the officials missed it. But, itís more the decisioning of the officials that really bugs me. First, to...
  2. JessN: Re: LSU wrap-up: Whether system or players, Alabama just didnít have what it needed

    To me, it does all come down to defense. Even in this game of the modern era, if you canít do fundamental things in defense, you will lose to equal caliber teams. Offense is one thing; think of all...
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    Re: Time to think about next season?

    Agree. The last thing I’m wanting right now it another big spotlight game, especially to fill the ESPN/Disney/ABC dislike for Bama. I don’t need The Mouse putting a Bama game under the microscope...
  4. Re: The LSU game will probably decide the Heisman winner

    That's a great rundown and comparison with the past. Thank you for writing it!

    I still think the people in NY want to give this Heisman to Jalen. They want anyone other than an Alabama player...
  5. Re: OSU Heisman Candidate Chase Young out w/indefinte suspension....

    Honestly, the guy is going to play a long time in the NFL, and make a lot of money. I hope he comes back for Penn State, but I think OSU is fine through the rest of their schedule, even without him....
  6. JessN: Re: LSU preview: Tigers are media darlings, but arenít without holes

    Thank you, as always, for the great write up. It's objective, and that's what we look forward to every week. Great job.

    I do agree with others that say our WR corps is better. Even without...
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    Link: Re: Keep talking, Ed...

    Thanks for posting that. No one in the country has receivers like Alabama. They are the difference between being a good team, and a team that cannot be stopped.
  8. Re: CFN: LSU vs. Alabama Fearless Prediction, Game Preview

    Don't feel bad. I used the term "broad" to describe a woman, very recently, not in 1958.
  9. Re: CFN: LSU vs. Alabama Fearless Prediction, Game Preview

    I hate to be a baby and complain about fair/unfair, but the truth is, this game might very likely be played twice this year. Imagine having to win this game twice in one season. Imagine possibly...
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    Game Thread:  Re: First CFP Rankings

    The only disagreement with the CFP 4 is that I would flip flop Penn State and Clemson. Penn State has yet to really get the toughest teams in the conference, but they do have the win over Michigan,...
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    Re: Trump will be attending Saturday.

    This news is actually making me second guess coming down to the game at all. I was going to drive down from Bham about 9am for a tailgate. Not going INTO the game, as that budget passed me by years...
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    News Article: Re: Lsu Micheal Divinity is off the team

    Especially if Tua were to start lighting them up. I still think part of our objective in this game would be to keep their offense off the field. I don't trust our defense very much. And I have to...
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    News Article: Re: Lsu Micheal Divinity is off the team

    Man, I just don't see how this warrants a kick off the team. I mean, unless he's running a cartel out of his dorm room.
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    News Article: Re: Lsu Micheal Divinity is off the team

    WHAT????? Where did this come from? Is this some kind of LSU hijinks? Are they going to change his name and number and put him in the game as another player???
  15. Re: Where Do You WANT to Be Ranked on Tuesday?

    At this point, and still so much football to be played, it is clear that Clemson is going to win out, and they will be in. No one in that pathetic ACC is going to have an argument, and looks to me...
  16. Re: Where Do You WANT to Be Ranked on Tuesday?

    Which is why the SEC champ and a 1 loss SEC team usually DESERVE to be in the CFP. Going undefeated in the conference is nearly impossible, and only Alabama teams under Saban have been able to do it...
  17. Re: Where Do You WANT to Be Ranked on Tuesday?

    4 or 5. What matters to me is where everyone is ranked around us. I expect 2 teams ahead, at least, maybe 3. Penn State is likely just below us. They are going to lose to OSU, and how far they...
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    Re: Pick the score: Alabama vs. LSU

    Vegas is absolutely giving the Tide the homefield advantage, which we will have. LSU depends on that home field for the extra it needs as much as anyone not named Auburn. LSU can win anywhere, and...
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    Re: CNS says ďTua a Game Time DecisionĒ

    Agree. His past issues with the bottle aren't going to keep him from such a high profile job as Alabama. And he's held one high profile job already, at USC, though we all know how that ended. USC...
  20. Re: Big discussion on the LSU board: Tua to play or not to play?

    The dilemma, to me, is that LSU will be looking to put Tua completely out, if he plays. They will come for that ankle. It's competitive, big boy football, and it isn't "nice" or anything like that....
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    Re: Miller Forristall out "several weeks"

    We would have gotten 10 yards for holding, and Missouri would have gotten another post season ban. Other teams? Nah. Nothing seen. Tree falling in the woods...
  22. Re: Auburnís defensive effort, scheme vs. LSU show why Kevin Steele is 1 of nationís

    I will say that people focusing purely on Burrow and the air game are missing the fact that LSU can run. The back they used so heavily, who's name is long and I don't want to type it, is a beast. ...
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    Re: Plain Trouble on "Da Plains" (all AU posts here)

    The Bo Nix experiment better work for Gus. I mean, he gave LSU a good run for the money last weekend, enough that I actually muttered "a win here gives Gus another contract extension". That didn't...
  24. Re: Will Gameday be at BAMA vs L8U

    I like your recommendation! Definitely would like someone with some real pedigree in there for their guest picker. However, if you want a show pony, I might throw out that I do co-host the Reddit...
  25. Re: Will Gameday be at BAMA vs L8U

    To me, where they go for Gameday is of very little importance. But, where they decide to go will show that the Mouse (ESPN, ABC, Disney) knows where their bread is buttered. A break from that,...
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