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  1. Question: Re: What will it take for Bama to win another NC this year?

    Tua faced MUCH tougher competition all year long grinding it out in the SEC and he still had a NCAA Record Breaking 199.4 QBR (1st) and...
  2. Re: Who throws for more yards Tua or Jalen?

    I'm thinking Tua might actually play more this year than last. CNS was ultra comfortable letting Jalen come in and run the game out in 2nd halfs.

    While we do need to give the #2 important reps, I...
  3. Re: Who throws for more yards Tua or Jalen?

    I think Tua throws for over 4,000 yards this year..... and that will be more than Jalen.
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    Link: Re: Bama's contract extension with Nike

    I don’t care what Nike does or doesn’t do.....

    I’m not throwing away my Alabama Gear ever unless it’s damaged beyond repair.

    I can maybe understand someone deciding not...
  5. Re: Who are your all-time top five Alabama quarterbacks?

    BamaMoon I agree with you about AJ not getting his due credit.....anymore.

    I remember more than one thread on here discussing "Is AJ McCarron the greatest Alabama QB of All-Time" around 2013.
  6. Re: Who are your all-time top five Alabama quarterbacks?

    1) Tua Tagovailoa
    2) AJ McCarron
    3) Joe Namath
    4) Kenny Stabler
    5) Bart Starr

    Honorable Mentions: Brodie Croyle, Blake Sims, Jake Coker
  7. Re: Tua Tagovailoa misses Manning Passing Academy with minor injury

    I'm not worried about any of this.

    I think Tua's health/injury issues have been more of a bad luck streak than him just being fragile.

    Correct me if I'm missing anything but....

    He injured...
  8. Re: Bama Teams on the 9's - (79, 89, 99, 2009, 2019)

    1979 - I was 1 year old, so I can't really make a fair statement about this team.

    1989 - Really fun team to watch that unfortunately lost 2 heartbreakers at the end.

    1999 - The Chris Samuels...
  9. Re: Where do you think Coach Saban ends up in Career Wins Stats?

    In this new CFB Playoff Era CNS is averaging 13.75 Wins per season...

    If that level of success continues he will reach 300 Wins in exactly 5 Years.

    As long as he stays healthy and wants to...
  10. Re: I came across this review of Bryant-Denny Stadium and the game day atmosphere

    The only area I would give less than a 4 to is 'Access'

    Part of that is a 'me' problem though I admit. But anyway back in the late 90's and early 00's you could arrive in T-Town about 2 hours...
  11. Link: Re: Amid New Calls to Pay Athletes, Alabama AD Has a Few Thoughts

    I just want my NCAA Football (Insert Year Here) game back for PS4 and/or Xbone.

    The last entry was SEVEN years ago. It was NCAA Football '13 with RGIII on the cover with the 2012 Team Rosters.
  12. Re: H&H series are scheduled w/Notre Dame & Okl. any other schools you'd like to see?

    UCLA - I still want payback for 2000-2001

    Oregon - They’ve ‘Wanted Bama’ more than any school in the country
  13. Re: Why will the Alabama defense be better/worse/the same under Golding? Make your ca

    My instinctive answer would be the cliche "It can't get any worse....right?".

    But honestly I have no idea right now. There's too many variables to make a solid guess.

    The ILB's are going to...
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    Re: Game of Thrones SPOILERS

    Jon is not immune to fire. He burns his hand badly in Season 1 at the Wall by throwing a lantern at a Wight.

    Not all Targaryen's are immune to fire..... only rare special ones have this ability.
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    Re: Jonathan Allen: "I still hate Clemson"

    I don't hate Clemson.... I only hate losing to them.

    But look let's give credit where it's due.

    We've met 4 straight times in the CFP's and the record for each team is 2-2 and both teams have...
  16. Re: Waddle (looking forward to this season)

    I love Waddle too!!! I've been raving about him since the day he signed.

    I'll go ahead and predict that in his Jr season in 2021 he will make a run at Amari Cooper's Single Season and Career...
  17. Re: Tua's status for the 2020 draft - according to NFL Scouts

    It's just my opinion, but I honestly think his only outright subpar/bad game of the whole year against a 'good defense' was against UGA.

    I don't blame him either because he was playing on a High...
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    Game Thread:  Re: 2019 NFL Draft - Rounds 4 - 7 - 11am CDT

    Mack fell because the Tape doesn't lie and neither do the stats.

    Here are our Top MLB's since 2012:

    2012 - C.J. Mosley 107 Tackles 8 TFL's 4 Sacks 2 INT's
    2013 - C.J. Mosley 106 Tackles 9...
  19. Re: Tua's status for the 2020 draft - according to NFL Scouts

    I know and it doesn't bother me from outsiders but it really rubs me wrong when many Alabama fans are echoing the criticisms.

    Tua set the NCAA record for QB rating in his 1st year even starting...
  20. Re: Tua's status for the 2020 draft - according to NFL Scouts

    Something will have to go wrong badly for Tua to not be a Top 3-5 Pick in the 2020 Draft.

    I mean look I get that the last time everyone saw Tua play we were beaten badly on the scoreboard.
  21. Re: What's your top 10 list of active college football coaches?

    Top 10 Right Now (How Great they are Currently)

    1A. Nick Saban
    1B. Dabo Swinney

    3. Lincoln Riley
    4. Kirby Smart
    5. Jimbo Fisher
    6. Chris Peterson
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    Re: Political Meme - Cartoon Thread (ONLY)...
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    Re: Alabama NFL Draft Picks 2017-2019

    Yeah I'm hoping a few of those guys decide to come back, especially on the defensive side.

    Tua is probably 99.999999999% gone and will be the #1 Overall Pick. The ONLY way he comes back is if for...
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    Alabama NFL Draft Picks 2017-2019

    Now that the Draft is over....

    Alabama has had 32 NFL Draft Picks in the last 3 seasons..... THIRTY TWO!!!

    2017 - (10) Marlon Humphrey, Jonathan Allen, OJ Howard, Reuben Foster, Cam Robinson,...
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    Game Thread:  Re: 2019 NFL Draft - Rounds 4 - 7 - 11am CDT

    I must be mis-remembering the details then. That stinks.

    Man I can't believe he's totally broke. That's just beyond unfortunate.

    The only 4-Time Heavyweight Champion and one of the best...
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