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  1. Re: Former LSU QB Brandon Harris' High School Coach Driving the Petty Train

    I agree he can't ban anyone but he can certainly by uncooperative with a college coach, like saying he'll send tape and then "forget" or fill the player's heads with negative things about a...
  2. Re: TPD: Lester Cotton Arrested Friday Night on Drug Charges

    Things are different than when I was in college. My son is a D1 athlete (golf) and we've talked about this issue a number of times during his career. He's been drug tested a few times and has always...
  3. Re: TPD: Lester Cotton Arrested Friday Night on Drug Charges

    Not really. Pot is still a banned substance by the NCAA and despite its growing acceptance across the country, use on college campuses is illegal because universities are forced to comply with the...
  4. Re: Clemson LB Ben Boulware has Some Thoughts About the Christian Wilkins Incident

    It's nothing but gamesmanship, plain and simple, and it's goes on in all sports. I can remember back in the day when I played (the 70's) we would drop the N-word on black players for the opposition...
  5. Re: Kirby dealing with some crazy helicoptering, GA Kickers dad claim "injustice"

    The hope scholarship is a nice benefit for Georgia residents but it only pays 80% of tuition so that comes out to around $12K per year give or take a thousand. I don't know how anyone could walk-on...
  6. Re: Any word on Kiffin's interview with UH? (Houston will sign Applewhite)

    Rick Pitino says hello.
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    It's truly a sad commentary on today's society where people are willing to kill someone else and forfeit their freedom for the rest of their life over something as trivial as being "disrespected"....
  8. Re: RIP Lutz - a powerful reminder in this holiday season...

    Do you even know the facts here? Lutz was not driving drunk. He was a PASSENGER in the vehicle that was being driven be someone else that was inebriated. My point was that at 5 times the legal limit...
  9. Re: RIP Lutz - a powerful reminder in this holiday season...

    There is a lot of blame to go around but calling someone with a blood alcohol level at 5 times the legal limit stupid for "making a choice" is more than a little simplistic. No one that inebriated...
  10. Re: Finebaum reporting Sumlin could be gone if he loses to LSU.

    How old are you? Ever hear of Bill Battle or Charlie McClendon? Both of those guys were fired because they couldn't beat Bama despite having career winning records. I'm sure they are more. Yes, I...
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    Re: Plain Trouble on "Da Plains" (all AU posts here)

    They can't even acknowledge that some Bama fans can afford a double-wide?
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    Re: A Late Good, Bad and the Ugly

    I think Peyton has designs on working in broadcasting. That almost seemed like some sort of try-out, to see how he would fare talking college football.
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    Re: David Cornwell's Attitude

    They may not hold a starting job for him but I imagine there's a pretty long list of schools that would take him in a heartbeat. The Barn, of course, would be at the top of that list but my guess is...
  14. Re: Say Something Nice About USC...? (We haven't done one of these in a while)

    Ahhright. We need to nip this in the bud right now.
  15. Link: Re: OM's Expected Co-Starter at RB Ruled Academically Ineligible

    "Administrative Error" probably means the AD employee responsible for monitoring his academics probably messed up and either forgot to tell anyone else in the department that he was short of hours or...
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