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    Re: Staying Calm During Stressful Games

    I do not eat or drink during stressful games. I am usually standing up just to the right side of a huge TV holding a football and pacing. Fortunately a two score cushion puts me at ease. Beyond two...
  2. Game Thread:  Re: Game thread: NCAA FCS championship

    I have been to both. Fargo is like Metropolis compared to Laramie. In fact, I think metro Fargo and metro Tuscaloosa are pretty similar in size. Laramie is a speck.

    Of course I am biased as I have...
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    Re: The TideFans Name Thread

    Everyone else seems to have good stories and/or meaningful reasons for their screen name. I have always used the tried and true method of picking my screen names based on fictional characters from...
  4. Re: How Many States Have You Been To/Through?

    48 states, I am missing Alaska and Montana. All of this is either overnight or significant car travel in a state. I have actually spent the night in places like Fargo, Pierre, and Boise. And when it...
  5. Re: Elon Musk Has Made $3.5 Million Selling Flamethrowers

    That is because it is a blowtorch. And it is a spendy purchase being made by people who do not need a blowtorch because, honestly, what is the use for this? Crop/weed burning? Clearing snow? Heating...
  6. Re: Bama hires former ATM SpecialTeams coach Jeff Banks to same role

    To be fair, you do have to physically reside within the district. If an upwardly mobile family with athletically gifted children are looking for a low crime area with a good quality of life kind of...
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    Re: The policy and politics of Trumpism

    You realize they had to issue a correction and change the title of the story, right? From your link:

    "Washington (CNN) Correction: This story has been corrected to say the date of the email was...
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    Re: What are your Thanksgiving plans?

    The best part is when the uncle has tears in his eyes as he eats his Salmon Piccata Bolognese "Issa jus likka Momma used to make!"
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    Re: RIP John Hillerman

    One of the Starz channels has been reshowing Magnum, which is nice because there is just a little fade out/fade in where the commercials should be. For some reason I left it on that channel while it...
  10. Re: It took DEF CON hackers minutes to pwn these US voting machines

    I am not sure why this would be surprising to anyone who knows about DEF CON and the folks who attend. My Sales Engineer was with me Monday-Wednesday of last week and flew to Vegas for the conference...
  11. Re: Words Lost Over Time or Just Used Locally

    If you were ever in Pete's Hotdogs on 2nd Ave in Birmingham and heard someone order and then ask for milk, Gus (Pete was the guy who opened the joint in 1939) would ask if they wanted sweet milk or...
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