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  1. Link: Re: Is Les Miles Ready for the Hardest Job in College Football?

    First off, how can anyone not like the Mad Hatter. His quotes and idiosyncrasies make him a star. And he is a pretty good football coach and recruiter as well. I hope he does well at Kansas and...
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    Re: Michigan Football: Elite or Overrated? typed Michigan and not ichigan. To the pit of "m"isery!!!!
  3. Re: SEC Shorts: Teams Play 2018 Season Board Game

    I hate to say it, but the Daniel Moore thing was pretty funny a sad way!
  4. Thread: Pellet Grill

    by tlockwood

    Re: Pellet Grill

    TY for the reply.
  5. Thread: Pellet Grill

    by tlockwood

    Pellet Grill

    A couple of years ago, I bought a smoker. I like it, but it seems to be hit or miss for me. The biggest issue I have with it is temperature control.

    I am looking at buying a pellet grill, but I...
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    Re: Officiating Tonight

    I have not read the entire post, so I may be repeating things already said. Also I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I did see some troubling things.

    First, the officials were horrible. They...
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    Re: ESPN Article - Jalen Hurts

    I am a teacher in Augusta, Ga. Nearly all of the students here are UGA fans with a few Clemson fans (and two UCheat fans). Today, after the obligatory whining about the refs, the conversation...
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    Re: Upsets for week 11

    Navy beats UCF

    FSU beats ND
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    Link: Re: LSU girl...I can’t look away😝

    Are yall sure she isnt the "Catch me outside! How 'bout dat! girl?
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    Re: Maryland coach situation

    Maryland will slip into oblivion now (Farther than it already was!). Baylor says Hello!
  11. Question: Re: Why are there “cupcake” games in college football?

    I understand all of the reasons for playing the cupcakes of college football, and I know these reasons are legitimate. I do not like them because of the potential for cheap shots from the underdog...
  12. Poll: Re: Would you ever pull for Tennessee or Auburn to win the SEC for conference pride?

    The only team I pull for that wears orange is the Baltimore Orioles. All others in orange can lose eternally!!!!

    BTW...I am bigger Braves fan as far as baseball goes.
  13. Re: What was the deal about the delay of game penalty when the refs hadn't signaled t

    It happened in another game later in the day. Arizona game maybe?

    Is there some new rule we don't know about?
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    Re: Newest BAMA Fan Enters the World

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    Re: Kiffin helping out Mark Ingram at FAU.

    Could you imagine what Kiffin could do with Tua? Might break the old Ga Tech record for points in a game!
  16. Re: A few observations, extra notes after rewatching Alabama 62, Ole Miss 7

    I understand he is coming in for mop up duty, but I have been impressed with #2 in the past two games. I see a QB that is learning from his situation and the competition is making him better. I...
  17. News Article: Re: Phil Savage Steps Down as UA Radio Color Analyst

    I am not downing Namath, but I do not want to hear him along side Eli. He talks too much about the old days. One or two stories are fine and entertaining, but he exceeds this.

    I vote JPW!
  18. Re: What ex-college football coach is next to join Alliance of American Football Leag

    I am with you on the topic of the National Anthem. I would venture a guess that this was topic number 1 discussed at several of the meetings. Like you, I could care less about the NFL. I am tired...
  19. Re: Memorial Day Question: Who's Your Favorite Bama Player Who's No Longer With Us?

    Derrick Thomas is the reason I started to become a super fan of Bama.
  20. Re: Great read: Will UT Vols ever beat an SEC West team in football again?

    I'm not stupid enough to believe that this is real...but I can wish for it to be true.

    I hope I never see UT win another game in the SEC. Or at least become the new Vanderbilt of the East!
  21. Re: HBO seems to be in the revisionist history business with “Paterno”

    I have a hard time believing that a man who worked at a place that long did not know what was happening. I truly believe that this was not a story of loyalty, though. I think it was self-interest. ...
  22. Question: Re: Could the offense actually be the strength of the team in 2018?

    Imagine this...

    We have an offense that scores TDs on 2 of the first 3 drives the first 5 or 6 ballgames of the year coupled with a defense that is only allowing 14 +/- a game. Other teams will...
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    Question: Re: Where does the UGA arrogance come from?

    i have lived here in Ga most of of my life. Here are some of the things I have heard...

    1. Bama will fire a coach too soon. Yall have fired coaches with 10 wins. Stupid.

    2. Vince Dooley...
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    Re: SIAP: Mike Shula To Be NY Giants OC

    I will be the first to admit that CMS wasn't the best hire Alabama ever had, but I don't think he was the worst either. I will forever remember him leading the team down the field to beat UGA. I...
  25. Re: La Tech's Jacobi Boykins is Thursday Night's Victim of an Official Being Stupid

    Reminds me of the refs we had when I was in high school. Bored with the game and bored with their jobs so they just call stuff to create some form of drama in the game.
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