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  1. Re: 2020 Prospect: **** Four-star OLB Quandarrius Robinson commits to BAMA ****

    Welcome and roll tide. Looking forward to the LB domination with him.
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    Re: Congrats GOP, this is who you now are

    Totally amazed at the lemming like republican voters who just vote like they are told to. In general, they don't really look at the issues. The current occupier of the White House must be the worse...
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    2020 Prospect: Re: 2020 Commits and Prospects

  4. 2020 Prospect: Re: **** 4* OLB Demouy Kennedy Commits to Bama ****

    Welcome to the Tide young man. So looking forward to seeing you play the hybrid position.

    He is obviously a smart young man as he already understands, "Then Nick Saban, he’s not just preparing...
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    Question: Re: Starting Offensive Lineup

    Agree. However, when there is no throw, hope he slings it out to fight another play. I don't want him to suffer the injuries he got last season because of hanging on to the rock too long.
  6. Re: Alabama Superfan Walt Gary Passes Away at 36

    Sorry to head of Walt's passing. It appears he lived a great life despite his health issues and gave far more than he received. RIP
  7. Re: I came across this review of Bryant-Denny Stadium and the game day atmosphere

    You would have totally shocked me if you didn't find something wrong with BDS. I'm sure the horseshoe serves only Michelin *** food.
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    Re: 3* OT Damieon George commits to BAMA

    He'll be a 4 star before you know it now he has been offered by Bama and Damieon committed.
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    Re: Bama softball beats OU in game 1.

    Unfortunately, the Tide ran out of steam in the 2nd game. They just could not seem to up their energy level for the second game as I think they used it up in the first one. Nonetheless, great...
  10. 2020 Prospect: Re: Julian Flemming 2020 5star WR has BAMA in final 6

    Mods, can we show he is an OSU commit so I won't have to click on this guy any more -- unless he comes to his senses and flips to Bama.
  11. Link: Re: Alabama snapper Scott Meyer transferring to Vandy

    Good luck to the young man at Vandy. Have to agree that his resume will be fine with degrees from Bama and Vandy.
  12. Re: Rod Bramblett and Wife in Serious Car Accident; Wife Passes Away

    Such sad news. Football rivalries seem so inconsequential at a time like this. Prayers for the family and slo for the 16 year old who caused the wreck. So young to be responsible for the death of...
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    Re: New Alabama baby

    Congratulations and I'm glad to hear you, mum, and son are doing well.
  14. 2019 Recruiting: Re: 2019 4* Hoover WR George Pickens (AU Commit) flips to UGA

    Can we not give this thread a rest. The kid did not come to Bama. End of interest.
  15. Re: Anonymous coaches raise concerns about Alabama for 2019 season

    Constructive criticism is often a good thing but a coach cannot truly believe his own statement unless he is willing to put his name to it. Cheap shots are much easier taken anonymously. However,...
  16. 2020 Prospect: Re: 2020 WR Thaiu Jones Bell

    I know it's the off season mods, but how about showing this young man as committed?
  17. Re: Redskins LB Foster carted off field at OTAs

    Rumor control says it is not as bad as first reported. Hope so for Reuben's sake.
  18. Politics: Re: 2020 Dem POTUS candidate catch all discussion thread

    Not only is trump a non-politician, he is a man totally lacking Christian values having broken all 10 of the Commandments, is a practicing white supremacist, a Luddite and flat worlder who does not...
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    Link: Re: Trouble in Athens

    Same old story -- the guy keeps his job while the woman is fired. In all likelihood, she was subordinate to him but she paid the price. Always happens that way.
  20. Link: Re: Nick Saban will have hip replacement surgery

    sorry to hear your surgery wasn't with great results Earle. I had mine done 13 years ago and my only regret was it wasn't done 5 years previously when I first started having problems with my hip. I...
  21. Re: Coach Saban's Surgery

    Of course you have!
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    Re: CNS Has A Bad Hip

    Hip replacement is quite a routine procedure -- I had one 13 years ago and my only regret was that I did not have it done 5 years earlier! CNS wouldn't even be out of action for too long. While I...
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    Question: Re: Who do Tide Fans want after Saban?

    Jeremy Pruitt -- getting plenty of head coach experience, great defensive coach, Alabama lad.
  24. Re: Manchester city fc in fa cup semi final saturday -- for atlanta residents

    City won and are in the final!! It wasn't their greatest game but they were playing a lot of players both not regular first teamers and/or out of position due to injuries. Onward and upward
  25. Re: Manchester city fc in fa cup semi final saturday -- for atlanta residents

    The President of the Atlanta Chapter of the Manchester City FC Supporters Club will be there. If you do plan on coming, don't forget to wear light blue/white, City's main colors.
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