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  1. Re: SEC Shorts - L8U calls Alabama, Halloween style

    27 SEC football Championships for we'uns.
  2. ChrisD: Re: Nate Oats off and running to start frenetic basketball offseason

    Thanks Chris. Great work.
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    News Article: Re: Alabama Hires Nate Oats From Buffalo

    "I'll always contend that Kent Benson's put back bucket that gave Indiana the lead with under two minutes left was offense goal tending - his hands and the ball were in the cylinder but I...
  4. 2019 Recruiting: Re: 2019 4* Hoover WR George Pickens (AU Commit)

    Those in the know . . . can one assume that young Mr. Pickens got his grades in order? It seemed to be a big caveat in February.
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    2019 Prospect: Re: 2019 5 star LB Henry To'oto'o

    Two weeks ago, by all reports, he and his family were blown away by their trip to Tuscaloosa. Wow.
  6. Re: Who we are watching tomorrow and what time they will announce (and a few thoughts

    [QUOTE=NoNC4Tubs;3382979]What ever happened to the fax girl?[/QUOTE

    And what has happened to Khris Bogle’s 8:00 AM announcement?
  7. Question: Re: Clemson Defensive Linemen Breathing Oxygen on Bench

    The play calling had me heading for the 'oxygen', or something to that effect, by mid 3rd quarter as well.
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    Re: Hurts to Oklahoma

    and he will also run for a gazillion yards.
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    Question: Re: Will the '19 Defense improve?

    The depth and experience look great. Linebacker play is still the great unknown and our greatest weakness.
  10. News Article: Re: Nick Saban needs to evaluate staff after bad play-calling dooms Tide in blowout l

    It appears that the staff is doing its own evaluating.
  11. Link: Re: Picture of new turf at Levi’s! Looks can be deceiving.

    FWIW, NOAA predicting heavy rains for today and tonight but tapering off to 20-30% for tomorrow afternoon and evening.
  12. JessN: Re: Clemson preview: Is this Tiger team more Clemson ’16 or Clemson ’17?

    Block or be blocked seems to be the key for both teams. Lawrence’s and Dexter Brown’s absences cancel each other out but if Christian can’t go, we are entering unchartered waters and may just have to...
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    Re: Alabama vs the short pass

    I think one very big key to the game is the play of our inside linebackers. We will need them to be at their absolute best to counter CU's offensive balance.
  14. Game Thread:  Re: COTTON BOWL / CFP Semifinal 1: Clemson vs Notre Dame (3:00pm CT | ESPN)

    An undefeated ND team just has certain advantages.
  15. Game Thread:  Re: COTTON BOWL / CFP Semifinal 1: Clemson vs Notre Dame (3:00pm CT | ESPN)

    A rather large gap in athletic ability at key positions between these 2 teams.
  16. Game Thread:  Re: COTTON BOWL / CFP Semifinal 1: Clemson vs Notre Dame (3:00pm CT | ESPN)

    Big possession here for Both teams.
  17. Game Thread:  Re: COTTON BOWL / CFP Semifinal 1: Clemson vs Notre Dame (3:00pm CT | ESPN)

    What was Kelly thinking? Was he channeling Kirby?
  18. Game Thread:  Re: COTTON BOWL / CFP Semifinal 1: Clemson vs Notre Dame (3:00pm CT | ESPN)

    Irish receivers are catching the ball.
  19. Re: How long will UGA put up with Kirby if 2019 ends in a failure?

    I think any coach that recruits top echelon athletes will eventually experience a "2010" year. It comes with success.
    To Kirby's credit he recruits like a demon and his teams are so much tougher...
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    Re: What was the best team ever Alabama played?

    That 1970 USC team that came to Legion Field opened a lot of eyes. Especially those of one Paul "Bear" Bryant.
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    Re: 2019 5* RB Trey Sanders

    Hey Jam,
    As in “Trey Sanders commits to Bama?”
  22. News Article: Re: A few extra thoughts, context for Alabama’s SEC title comeback

    Running it in after our great special teams play would have put UGA on its heels from the get go.

    I think MC’s piece is a terrific summary of the remarkable ebbs and flows of this game. The missed...
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    Re: How your superstition helped win the game

    My son and my game day beer of choice is Omegang Three Philosophers. My wife and I were in Atlanta for a concert Friday night, and at dinner, i tried my first Scofflaw IPA and was bowled over. So...
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    Re: Can we talk about that 4th and 11 fake punt?

    Kirby Insisted that the play was there to be made but the center didn’t snap the ball.

    He didn’t back away from his decision.
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    Game Thread:  Re: OFFICIAL POSTGAME THREAD - Bama vs. The Barn...

    The fighting bazzas absolutely ambushed the noles!
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