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    Re: Pick the score: Alabama vs. Southern Miss

    62 - 10 Bama
  2. Re: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.... New Mexico State style:

    Good - Our coaching staff has done as good of a job coaching up all these young players to the standard of Bama Football we have starting & playing I seen under Coach Saban..Tua, Riddley & our WR's...
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    Game Thread:  Re: Georgia Tech vs. Clemson

    I'll give Clemson their due cause they looked really good for the 1st game, just how good is hard to say, when you play against a offense playing a PRO Style offense with offensive players built &...
  4. Re: LSU AD Scott Woodward Takes Silly Shot at Saban When Speaking to BR Rotary Club

    Coach O is prolly begging him to shut up & not give Coach Saban any extra motivation to mud stomp the Swamp Kittens when we play..
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    Re: Dylan Moses hurt according to Aaron Suttles

    We've been through this song & dance more times than we wanted to under Coach Saban, but, I'll just keep faith in "The Process" as we dance our way past the injuries & we play for another National...
  6. Re: It's that time yet again.... Pick the score: Alabama vs. Duke

    Bama 41 - 13
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    Re: Ole Miss cheer

    Well Hotty Toddy at least Ole Miss is good for something..Thank you Ole Miss for the cool cheer we improved into what is the Rammer Jammer today..
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    News Article: Re: SI's Top 10 coaches of all time

    Can I nominate Gus to be on the list, just to make The Barners feel better about him, then hopefully give him a lifetime contact for making the list..
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    Alabama: Re: Latest Bama News 8/12/2019 Thru 4718/2019

    The one big advantage of recruiting at the level Coach Saban does, we have many many elite athletes sitting on the bench at other positions, but, played multiple positions in high school including...
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    Re: Special lighting at BDS

    I really like it as well & so will the Blue Chip recruits..As if Coach Saban needed the recruiting boost it will give us..I'm actually kinda feel bad for other schools recruiting against us..Well.....
  11. ADMIN NOTE: Re: Everybody Please check that your registered email is valid & 'Forgot Password' in

    Dang..The email I had on file hasn't been used in quite a few years..It was easy as pie to update my new email address & I appreciate you starting this thread..
  12. Re: SEC Coaches talk anonymously about Alabama and other SEC teams

    I feel as good about this team, as I have any team, during "The Process" under Coach Saban at Bama..We have the right mix of leadership & incoming "Blue Chip" studs to provide depth at key...
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    Re: Coach O providing incentive to beat Bama

    If he tries it shirtless he needs to arrested.. Thankfully he'll never get that chance before he's fired for not beating Bama..
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    Re: LSU's New Locker Room Innovations

    I'll give them credit for thinking outside the box, but, I still like our locker room design better..
  15. Re: Goodman: Alabama football needs hard slap in the face

    Something tells me our Boy's got that slap in the face in the NC Game & articles like this is extra motivation..I'm starting to like the media again if they keep this kinda journalism going..
  16. Re: USAT: Clemson, not Alabama, now face of college football

    It feels good having the media motivate our Boy's with articles like this.. Instead of feeding their egos calling them the best to ever walk a football field..
  17. Link: Re: ESPN Article: Tua "Learned many lessons from loss to Clemson".

    Exactly..It's human nature to feel invincinble when you run through all your opponents & then all of a sudden you play a team as good as you..And they punch you in the mouth from the get go..
  18. Link: Re: Nate Oats Shares His Observations on Alabama Basketball

    This is the 1st time in quite a few seasons I'm actually excited about Bama BBall..
  19. Link: Re: Just coach speak or is there a real chance Hurts may not be the starter at OU?

    I respect your opinion, but, have to agree to disagree..Cause his record as our starer says otherwise..You won't find another QB with the kinda leadership & experience Jalen has from playing at Bama...
  20. Link: Re: Just coach speak or is there a real chance Hurts may not be the starter at OU?

    If Hurts doesn't win the job & a younger less experienced QB beats him out..The Sooner's will be in the hunt for a NC, cause Hurts is one of the better QB's in the country, Oklahoma will have...
  21. Re: Tua Tagovailoa misses Manning Passing Academy with minor injury

    I reckon some players are just more injury prone than others & I hope it's not an indication of things to come this coming season..But..It makes you appreciate Coach Saban's relentless recruiting at...
  22. Re: Dabo on Recruiting in Alabama - “I’m Kind of Like Osama Bin Dabo”

    Dabo just Dabo"ed himself without even trying to..
  23. Re: 2020 Prospect: **** Four-star OLB Quandarrius Robinson commits to BAMA ****

    As much as I love having an extremely explosive offense, it does my football heart good, when we land these headhunters on the D side of the ball..

    We were coached by a defensive minded HC in...
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    Re: Next Head Coach; Dabo, Kirby, or Jimbo

    When that time comes, I hope Coach Saban has a say in the hiring, he knows who would come in & build off what he's built at Bama..
  25. Re: Do you remember the down years for Alabama football?

    It's good to hear from you to Gray..I hope you're doing good brother..
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