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    Game Thread:  Re: Florida @ Kentucky (ESPN)

    I believe it was targeting on florida's qb. That is the breaks of the game. No matter everything will be worked out by seasons end.:)
  2. Link: Re: S. Carolina to consider Fair Pay For Pay to play type bill (ESPN Article)

    I no expert and really don't know all the scenarios that are going around about how they might get paid. I do know that if this begins then it will get out of hand quite soon. Also with the players...
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    Question: Re: What will fix our OL problems?

    I thought I heard the talking heads say that Duke D-line was a veteran line and done pretty good last year. The end of the first half with Clemson it was 7 to 6. Clemson won running away in the...
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    Re: Hurricane Dorian

    I guess one of my concerns is being able to buy gas if all stations are out. I can still cancel but am going to wait to see what it does but the concern is there.
  5. Game Thread:  Re: Official PreGame Thread Bama vs. Duke...

    The way Coach talked about the o-line last nite of the Nick Saban show makes me not worried about the ability of our offense scoring more then any team we will face this year. Can't wait for...
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    Re: Hurricane Dorian

    My wife and I were leaving out to go to disney world friday the sixth. Bazza would this be something that I cancel?
  7. Re: Dylan Moses hurt according to Aaron Suttles

    The first two games are cupcakes so that is a good thing. South Carolina will start to put that little bit of experience to task.
    Just looking for some good I guess.
  8. Game Thread:  Re: Gators vs. Canes - 7pm (ET), ESPN - TONIGHT!

    I can say that I enjoyed the game but the mistakes were huge on Florida's part. Against a good team those kind of mistakes will cost you a game.
  9. Re: Miami vs. Florida, ACC vs. SEC - your prediction?

    Man my prediction was way off. I predicted Florida would win by 20. All the mistakes that Florida made kept miami in the game. Florida needs to cleanup the mistakes before entering into sec play.
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    Re: Elevator crushes man in New York

    Of the people on the elevator he sure did pull the short straw. It was three left on the elevator when it happened. I bet it makes them extremely gun shy.
  11. Re: It's that time yet again.... Pick the score: Alabama vs. Duke

    I'm going to say 56 to 3. They might score more if Coach pulls the first string out and lets the second and third string gets some reps.
  12. Re: Miami vs. Florida, ACC vs. SEC - your prediction?

    I think Florida wins by 20.🤔
  13. Re: Firefighters Set Up A Ladder To Help Raccoons Escape Warehouse Fire

    Whats so wild about them is I have seen one climb a brick wall. Their ability to climb is one of the things that makes a raccoon such a pest.
  14. Re: Firefighters Set Up A Ladder To Help Raccoons Escape Warehouse Fire

    Have to agree I don't like them. I have battled them twice where we live now. They can be bad news.
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    Re: How Southern Are You? (A Quiz)

    Sweeper is one that got me to. Both sets of my Grandparents were dirt farmers and even they called it a vacuum cleaner.
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    Re: Dabo disses SEC depth

    All He did was take florida st place. Even the same kind of coach talk.
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    Re: How Southern Are You? (A Quiz)

    I scored 33 out 35. Its hard to believe that only the south has these sayings.
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    Re: Fall Camp is Here

    I'm just excited about the defense this year and the improvement.
  19. Question: Re: Fall Camp: Which new players will make an impact?

    What would be funnier is me trying to say them.:)
  20. Re: Former Kentucky QB Jared Lorenzen Passed Away Today

    Younger then my oldest son. Man I remember him playing and was a happy go lucky kind of guy. Eli joked about him loving the nicknames people gave him. RIP Jared
  21. Re: Merchants charging extra for credit usage

    I use a CC for everything except bills which I pay still with a check. I love the convenience of the card and the awards are good. I always pay them off every month because I don't want the interest....
  22. Re: ‘Attack squirrel’ rescued at scene of Alabama meth bust

    I ran over a crazy squirrel in athens today so it might have been the same one. It couldn't decide which direction to go so it went about 3 feet one way then the other so the poor squirrel went...
  23. Re: On a scale from 1-10. How hard would it be to live without your cell phone?

    I use my cell phone in just about every facet of my life. My job, personal life, when I travel and so on. I think one of the most important thing is I can be gotten in touch with almost anywhere I...
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    Re: Have you ever walked out on a movie?

    The first movie I willingly walk out of was Dune. I read the books and learned a lesson if I have read the books don't go see the movies. I have also been thrown out of a movie. It was Up in smoke...
  25. Re: Games you played in elementary PE / recess that would cause lawsuits today

    We always called that pickup and smear. In elementary school we were not heavy enough to break bones and stuff just got a few cuts and bruises. One time when we got a little older we played tackle...
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