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  1. Question: Re: Will we see Taulia get action against Arkansas?

    I think Mac plays about the same amout Tua would play if he were healthy. If it is a 2-3 score game, Jones plays all the way but if it is 40-3 with 10 minutes left, I think Lia gets some action.
  2. JessN: Re: Tennessee wrap-up: Bama wins, but has more on its plate to worry about

    Thanks. Jones should look better with a week to prepare but he will have to thow some long passes or the D will sit on the short ones. Also the D backs Surtain and Diggs seem to panic and get their...
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    JessN: Re: SEC Preview and Predictions: Week 8

    Good analysis as usual. In your Fl vs SC write up, you said that South Carolina and Tenn weren't good matchups for the Gamecocks. I think you had a typo and meant Vandy and Tenn. No big deal I...
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    Re: Top 25 / conference disparity

    Easier schedule is better if you get beat up with the tough Conference. Note last year with TUA and his injuries at the end of the year and against UGA. Also losing Diggs hurt a lot last year as...
  5. JessN: Re: Texas A&M wrap-up: Bama’s win had more positives than score suggested

    Thanks for the insight. I think we score better with more room but with Najee running like he did yesterday, we should be able to just feed him inside the 5. Agree Punter needs replacing, with...
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    Re: Why Do I Not Like Joe Burrow?

    Don't both teams have to win some for it to be a true rivalry? That's why Bama isn't their rival..
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    JessN: Re: SEC Preview and Predictions: Week 7

    Thanks Jess for another great analysis. I think UT will scare MS with a chance at an upset if MS doesn't play their best.
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    Re: 2019-20 Coaching Carousel

    Schiano left tOSU after last season to go to the Patriots. He then stepped down from them back in March to be ready to take the Rudgers job when it becomes available.. so I think there is a good...
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    JessN: Re: SEC Preview and Predictions: Week 6

    Thanks for the write up. They all seem obvious which means there should be an upset....
  10. Game Thread:  Re: Official Postgame Thread Bama vs. Ole Miss...

    I think one of the biggest issues with the D is no one ever has containment. Their QB would run for 6 easy yards around the end often today. The last TD was on the backups, the first TD came...
  11. JessN: Re: Projected Depth Chart for Alabama vs. Ole Miss

    I often use you dept chart in the 3rd and 4th quarters to see who the players are... thanks
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    Re: What do you think will happen with Pruitt?

    I think Fulmer is very egotistical. He is only 12 wins behind Neyland for the all time Tennessee wins record and would love nothing more than to pass him. Of course with the teams they have had...
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    JessN: Re: SEC Preview and Predictions: Week 5

    thanks, kind of a boring SEC slate this week..
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    Re: Butch Jones Appreciation Thread

    he was there for 5 years. All of Dooley's guys were gone and he was 4-6 when he got fired. He was in over his head.. No break from me....
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    Re: Butch Jones Appreciation Thread

    I'm not a fan of Butch Jones. He does fine at Bama because he has no real coaching responsibilities.. I think he left the cupboard in much worse shape when he left Tenn than when he arrived. I...
  16. JessN: Re: USM wrapup: Tide’s offense asks defenses to pick their poison

    Thanks for the write up..
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    Re: My trip to Williams-Brice

    I went to the last two games Bama played there. The one in 2010 also had GameDay on the campus that they had shuttles for. My experiences were positive both times. it was definitely loud in 2010...
  18. JessN: Re: USM preview: Golden Eagles can fly, but have trouble stopping their prey

    thanks. I hope they kick on to Waddle that he can return....Also I hope the Tide gets more disciplined on the penalties this week.
  19. Question: Re: What do you expect to see when the Barn faces The Aggies?

    The home team has lost 6 out the last 7. I think AU wins....
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    Alabama: Re: Latest Bama News 9/9/2019 Thru 9/15/2019

    I am sorry for you loss. I lost my wife of 39 years almost 6 years ago. She went through a short illness and died of meningitis only 2 days after it was diagnosed. I was glad she didn't have to...
  21. Re: Let’s discuss our many injuries, so many freshmen.

    We need to tackle better than we did in the 2nd half...
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    JessN: Re: SEC Preview and Predictions: Week 4

    Thanks for the write-up. I had the same picks as you this week. Not sold on Cal .... but not sold on Ole Miss either.

    I think South Carolina may play better than you think though. Their...
  23. JessN: Re: USC recap: Explosive offense makes up for a defensive off-day

    Thanks for the write-up. I think the refs missed a call on TE Tennison (I think). He never went out of bound and his score should have counted and they didn't review it?? I though Lewis was...
  24. JessN: Re: South Carolina preview: Bama has waited a long time to get revenge for ’10

    Thanks for the write up....
  25. Poll: Re: Which Program will hire a new coach after 2 years worth of Buyer's remorse?

    I think the single biggest problem for JP is his QB. He is way to loyal to JG at QB and he is not a SEC level QB. With their WR talent a good QB could get that program 6-7 Wins this year. I also...
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