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  1. Re: *****2017 ATH Dylan Moses commits to Bama*****

    Dylan Moses tweeting at game

    Really enjoying myself out here in TTown... Crazy that I'll be starting my next chapter here in January.. Gods Plan🙏🏿🐘
  2. Question: Re: Alabama and FSU: What, specifically, were the adjustments?

    And Coach Freeze refuses to protect a lead. He continues to go fast no matter what his lead, so when their offense goes cold their opponents have many more possessions to get back in the game than...
  3. Re: You Are Looking Live at Western Kentucky - A look at WKU

    Does WKU play an up tempo offense
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    Cam Stewart 6'8" 254 LB TE

    Looking at the updated roster, I noticed Cam Stewart a Freshman 254 lb 6'8" TE has been added to the squad. Only thing I could find on him was on LinkedIn. He graduated from HS in 2012 and was a...
  5. Re: LB Riley Cole De-Commits from Alabama After Asked to Take Greyshirt

    Not defending or condemning, but trying to clarify. Isn't the delay a semester not a year? For example Christian Bell. Instead of joining the class in the fall of 2015, he joined the class the next...
  6. Qb dakota prukop. Montana state transfer (Going to Oregon)
  7. Re: Another Example of Our Global Brand Recognition

    My recent Bama grad daughter is an assistant English teacher in Japan, teaching anywhere from 1st to 9th graders. She makes sure to teach them to say Roll Tide first thing
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    Re: 2016 5*TE Isaac Nauta

    @inauta18: I have decided to flip my official from USC to Alabama for the LSU game #rolltide ��
  9. Re: US Amry All America Game Commits/Possible Committments
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    Re: RB Damien Harris Updates

    i noticed that also. Hope it was a good sign
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    Re: Under Armor Practice Updates

    Article on players committing during Under Armour Game.
  12. Re: Remember how conference champs don't matter in the CFP?

    What if FSU and tOSU loose, TCU and Baylor win and Big12 names them as co-champions. Then CFP committe puts Baylor and TCU in.
    I won't like it, but could happen
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    Re: Post-Game Celebration - Business as Usual

    1990 against Auburn in Birmingham. Bama first win against Auburn in 4 Years at the time. Stallings first year. Memorable for Birmingham police hand cuffing students to South end goal post. Last time...
  14. Re: Wow! What a diatribe against the SEC by Gameday!

    Part of the reason SEC schools are playing these non conference games this late in the season is SEC Network and ESPN ask the conference to spread out conference games all through the season. I...
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    Re: ****Bama vs. LSU Postgame Thread****

    Great use of Christmas Vacation quote
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