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  1. Re: The Big 12 is getting their tails kicked so far in these Bowls

    Arkansas starts a home and home against TCU in 2016 in Ft. Worth after our home game with Texas Tech.

    Texas is to come to Fayetteville in 2021 but there's scuttlebutt of that being converted to a...
  2. Arkansas completes Indoor Baseball Facility

    photos at the link above. Think it's the first in the SEC,but the weather in Fayetteville is much colder as well.
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    Re: Stdium proposal to go before BOT

    And Baum is the class of the league with it being a bit older. There's so much demand for more suites Long is asking current suite holders to double up till it can be addressed. Right now Van Horn is...
  4. Re: ***Center JC Hassenauer Commits To Alabama***

    He didn't fair well against Arkansas commit Bijhon Jackson at the Nike Opening, neither did another Bama commit, Montel McBride.
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    JessN: Re: 2013 Fall Previews: Arkansas Razorbacks

    Exactly how is Fayetteville a tough sell? Fayetteville makes many best of lists, bet you think it's a small town too. There's over 400,000 in Fayetteville's MSA. Here read this:...
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    Re: Recruiting Update

    The saying went that you signed the QB from small schools because they were most likely the best athlete on the team, Freshmen couldn't play back then and in that first year you culled the bad.
  7. Re: College Footballs Athletic Facilities Arm Race(Videos)

    The Walton Foundation gives generously to the ACADEMIC side, athletics not so much. Now folks that worked and invested with Walmart early on, that's a much different story. Our largest contributor,...
  8. Link: Re: Bo Pelini: Some SEC Teams Not Named Alabama Wish They Were Nebraska

    Bottom line on the success of a football program is the coach, period, end of story. What if Bama got Rich Rod instead of Saban? It's the overall #1 factor. If resources and talent pool had all that...
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    Re: Aaron Suttles tweeting about stadium

    Arkansas started construction of it's new Indoor Baseball Practice facility, It'll share a weight room with track, have an indoor infield and new battling cages. After that, bleachers and suites in...
  10. Link: Re: Bo Pelini: Some SEC Teams Not Named Alabama Wish They Were Nebraska

    No one in Arkansas wants to be Nebraska in anything, hell, we even have more roller coasters. They can shove a cob up........
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    Link: Re: Budget of the Alabama Athletic Department

    Baseball can produce revenue or at least be kinda revenue neutral at many schools, see LSU and Arkansas for example. But that's also because of the schollie limits that keep that cost down. I know...
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    Re: Video Tour of New Football Facility

    Some other schools maybe, Arkansas' is coming online, just as new and big and nice. Alex Collins likes his new locker...
  13. Re: Can Bielema do at Arkansas what he did at Wisconsin?

    Arkansas has been experiencing a student boom. Those students aren't from Arkansas, they're from Texas. The Metroplex is sending more and more to Fayetteville. All thanks to the 10% rule that...
  14. Re: Texas Tech and Arkansas Announce Series for 2014 and 2015

    Lubbock is no recruiting hotbed. Most Arkansans would rather play SMU, even Baylor. We do also have a home and home with TCU after this home and home.
  15. Re: Alabama offers younger brother of former Arkansas TE Chris Gragg

    He is a phenomenal athlete.
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