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    Re: Bold Predictions for 2019

    History suggests that you may be right about Tua and Lawrence. But if Tua gets to 4K I have a hard time seeing how he would be denied.

    I would not be surprised to see 3 Bama players in the top 10...
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    Re: Bold Predictions for 2019

    Jalen v. Tua for the NC and/or those two finishing 1 and 2 in the Heisman race would be such a good story ESPN or HBO will make a movie about it, guaranteed. I would watch it, that's for sure.
  3. Re: Smash mouth?

    Bingo. We may try to grind it out and eat clock a little more than last year, but it will be because we want to keep the D off the field, not because we are trying to keep a limited QB from being...
  4. Re: Alabama's unquestionably the #1 all-time cfb program. Your #2 through #5?

    Based on who is talking big these days, I would say Clemson by a mile. Then Jawjaw and Bama neck and neck, with Michigan and Nasty Dame in show position, and UCF bringing up the rear. You be the...
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    Re: Notre Dame is a product

    I don't live there, but I would think that the last couple of years it would be a pleasure to live in Georgia. Certainly the few Georgia fans I run into around here (Virginia) seem to avoid eye...
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    Re: Who throws for more yards Tua or Jalen?

    This is a great question and an excellent thread. When I first read the question I thought "Tua of course" but some of the commenters made great points in Jalen's favor. Tua will definitely prevail...
  7. Re: Tua Tagovailoa misses Manning Passing Academy with minor injury

    This. My one knock on Tua this last year was that he sometimes tried too hard to make a play with his arm or his feet when the smarter move would have been to throw the ball away. He and his...
  8. Re: Question For My Blue Friends: Why All The Deference to Ocasio-Cortez?

    Good points. I don't know which type of President is scarier, an ineffective amoral idiot with no real beliefs, or a possible mastermind devoted to an ideology that has ruined a good many other...
  9. Re: Tua's status for the 2020 draft - according to NFL Scouts

    Yep. They regressed after LSU/ Miss. State. Couldn't get off the field against WCU. Let a bad Auburn team hang around for 2 1/2 quarters. Then the last three games were easily the worst three...
  10. Re: Is this the most doubt you've felt headed into a season?

    I give CNS the benefit of the doubt on almost everything, but when it comes to kicking I always reserve judgment until I see what Paul Punter or Kevin Kicker can do in a big game. Though I do feel...
  11. Re: Is this the most doubt you've felt headed into a season?

    I agree. It also occurred to me that what you said could be said in the preseason about just about every Nick Saban team of the last 10-12 years:

    "I think this team is one [position on offense]...
  12. Re: Is this the most doubt you've felt headed into a season?

    As long as some people are posting stuff like this for the players and coaches to read, I feel very, very good about 2019. Stay thirsty my friends.
  13. Re: Is this the most doubt you've felt headed into a season?

    I'm a decade older, and my recollection was that fewer than half the games were available on TV until about 20 years ago. But I lived outside the south for much of that time, and Bama wasn't the...
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    Re: The federal spending thread

    FWIW, the report is a little old, and the airport seems to be more successful these days.

    Still could be a...
  15. Re: Question: any thoughts to why CNS seemed so calm vs. his fiery self?

    I suspect that CNS will use this as a key motivator for the team and the staff in 2019. But I don't fault the press for criticizing him. The buck stops with the HC, especially when he pulls down $8...
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    Re: Bayou and CFP championship game Haikus...

    In my lucky Tide tee shirt
    watching tremendous Tua on TV
    tear up another team of Tigers.
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    Poll: Re: Fixing the national championship location

    When we wax OSU/ Michigan/ Wisky at Giant Stadium instead of the Superdome or Orange Bowl, there goes their best excuse.
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    Poll: Re: Fixing the national championship location

    What about Honolulu. Then we could promise prospects in our new recruiting hotbed that they'd always have at least one home game that grandpa and grandma could get to! :wink:
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    Re: Clemson fan here, I come in peace

    Should be a good one KGc. I'm with you on injury free. I agree that it should be a relatively high scoring game. Of course I'm hoping for/ expecting a different outcome. Don't know if my heart...
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    News Article: Re: Tua-Jalen Package on the Field

    This. Its a distraction for Clemson all week even if we don't use it in the game. But I would run a couple of plays with both on the field to see how Clemson responds. They may alter their schemes...
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    Re: Congrats from a Sooner fan

    I was impressed with the way Riley adjusted, calmed his team down when they were being rattled, and kept playing. Bama was the better team from start to finish, but OU is in good hands with Riley. ...
  22. Re: How long will UGA put up with Kirby if 2019 ends in a failure?

    Also depends on one's definition of "getting it done." I think many dawg fans would say he has already gotten it done. Of course they want to both beat us and win a natty, but I think most of them...
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    Re: Pick the score: Alabama vs. Oklahoma

    My thinking exactly. Statistically their D may be worse than the piggies. Their O is obviously better, but as long as Tua is healthy I wouldn't be surprised to see us up by something like 35-14 at...
  24. Link: Re: D.J. Durkin Helping Behind the Scenes at Alabama

    I agree. I think associating with this guy is not in the best interest of the program. Little upside, lots of downside.
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    News Article: Re: Article on Jalen Hurts in Forbes

    Whatever happens going forward, Jalen's moment in the SECCG cements his legacy, and will be a story that will be retold many, many times through the years. There will be an immeasurable intangible...
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