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  1. Re: View From The Stands: Alabama vs Tennessee

    Thanks for sharing. Loved the videos.
  2. Game Thread: Re: OFFICIAL POSTGAME THREAD: Bama vs. Hogs...

    A few plays later a snap was way over Blake Johnson’s head on fourth down and his, let’s say creative, escape didn’t go well.

    That quote was from a Hog website....I guess the writer was taking a...
  3. Re: Plain Trouble on "Da Plains" (all AU posts here)


    If this is a representation of what the barn...
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    Kelvin Joseph decommits from LSwho

    Having coach O at LSU is paying dividends for us already.
  5. Re: Alabama is the only team with zero turnovers so far, other statistical tidbits

    Did you mean for that to be in blue??
  6. Cheating....Wouldn't it be easier to pay the officials??

    Over the years it seems that the officials have more impact on the games than anybody else. The last two years, Bama's pass rush has been absolutely dominant, but I can count the number of holding...
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    UAB attendance back to normal

    Eating some Mexican for lunch and they have the uab game on. It looks pretty empty in the stands. And Bama and the barn are playing ooc games today. Pathetic.

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  8. Re: Barn vs Barn with Lake Semi-Official Game Thread

    Why did they rush the field.....its the barn....who cares.
  9. Re: NCAA to formally charge Ole Miss with rules violations (Freeze has resigned)

    Quote from the above article:

    Honestly, this would be a great hire for the Rebels. Miles is not only an incredibly successful coach, but also a great recruiter, and could help Ole Miss turn back...
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    2018 Prospect: Re: QB Jack Tuttle (San Marcos, CA)

    Nice MASH reference there.

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