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  1. Re: What were Alabama's best teams that didn't win a national championship? Your top

    1966 Best team in the country, 1945 Bama vs Army would have been a great game, 1973 the best team barely lost, 1977 Bama got screwed by the polls, 2016 don't even want to talk about it, had it in...
  2. Re: What’s your outlook for the 2019 season?

    9-3 regular season 10-3 with bowl win!
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    Re: Looking ahead to next years final four

    Well let's see ... I'm predicting 1. Clemson 2. Texas or Oklahoma 3. Ohio State 4. Who ever comes out as winner of SEC ... probably between Georgia, Florida, A&M, LSU and possibly Bama!
  4. Game Thread:  Re: L8U vs Cinderella

    Look for Ed Orgeron to be on the hot seat by the middle of next season! Oh, does that make LSU National Champions???? When is the parade!
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    Re: Pick the score: Alabama vs. Clemson

    If Bama brings it's A game -- We win! 35 to 21
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    Re: Paying Players

    Yeah right, go ahead and open up Pandora's Box! I'm sure the IRS and thousands of lawyers are itching to get involved in this! Has anyone bothered to figure how much is being spent on college...
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    Re: Tua needs to break tendencies for a Title.

    Wow, really folks it's very simple. With a healthy Tua if Bama plays it's A game we win!
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    Re: Missouri you’ve got to be kidding.

    LOL Jimbo will never have a National championship contender at ATM! FSU was fading fast under Jimbo! He will have top 5 recruiting classes but perennial 8 to 9 win seasons 3 to 6th place finishes in...
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    Re: Early thoughts on Clemson

    T Lawrence is fast on the straight run. We have to collapse the pocket around him and not give him time to pick out receivers or a running lane up the middle! We will put more pressure on him than...
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    Wow.... Comment on The Weather Channel

    Idiot commentator just said that watching the Alabama vs Oklahoma game will be like watching two Neanderthals slugging it out with clubs!!!! :mad2: I for one didn't appreciate his feeble attempt at...
  11. Question: Re: What's the best way to defend against Kyler Murray?

    I read somewhere that Murray is in the 5'9"
    to 5'10" range! You could tell that Tua and Haskins were both a good deal taller! Haskins appeared a little taller than Tua and about 4 or 5 inches...
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    Re: Tua's Heisman Campaign watch

    I hope that Saban uses Tua's loss of the Heisman as another tool to motivate the team! ie … "Heisman voters disrespected us they think Murray and Oklahoma are better than us". The defense going...
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    Re: 2018 AHSAA Football Playoffs

    I watched all seven finals this week >>>> My observations for what they're worth! Why can't AHSAA get someone better than Raycom to do these games? Quality of TV broadcast was just awful! Central...
  14. Link: Re: Rush Propst and Colquitt County Get a 60 Yard FG After Using Little-Known Rule

    Glencoe High upset an undefeated Alexandria team back in the 70's using the same rule!
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    Re: In Kirbys defense and the fake punt

    I think it was a dumb move, but Kirby could see that momentum had changed. Bama's superior depth was taking a toll, Georgia's defense was tired! Bama was moving the ball on offense! I said when we...
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    Is the SEC loaded or what?

    I normally pull for SEC teams whenever they play out of conference... I believe any SEC win helps Alabama! Eleven teams in bowls... bet we win most of them! I believe we will have at least ten...
  17. Thread: Resiliency

    by Lovthablues

    Re: Resiliency

    Yes, we endeavored to persevere! I believe Smart will be around for awhile. We will see Georgia vs Bama III next year!
  18. Would we have won if Tua had not had his ankle stepped on?

    I've seen several talking heads and read where some say that we could not have come back with Tua! I'm happy that we had Hurts ready but I disagree that Tua could not have pulled it out! I've...
  19. Re: How many hearts does Georgia have left for us to rip out in Atlanta?

    I woke up this morning and told my wife that I was just thankful that we're not Georgia fans! Just imagine how they are feeling!
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    Re: Tua's Heisman Campaign watch

    If Tua loses Heisman I hope we get Oklahoma first round ... The whole team will come in with a big chip on their shoulder! A great motivator for Saban!
  21. Re: Bama-UGA Possible Repeat in 1st Round CFP?

    Yes I believe Georgia is one of the best four teams in the country .... But they will probably be five or six in the final CFP rankings! I predict ... Bama 1, Clemson 2, Oklahoma 3, Notre...
  22. Game Thread:  Re: OFFICIAL POSTGAME THREAD - Bama v. The Puppies...

    WOW just wow! I'm just happy that I'm not a Georgia fan tonight!
  23. Game Thread:  Re: Pac 12 Championship: U Dub Versus the SUVs (Ute)

    It is refreshing to see a good defensive struggle!
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    Re: Plain Trouble on "Da Plains" (all AU posts here)

    I think Gus is doing a wonderful job ..... A big raise and another contract extension is warranted!
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    Game Thread:  Re: The Bayou Brawl: L8U at Texas A&M

    I really didn't care who won this game but the more I watched, I became convinced the officials had made up their minds that A&M was going to win this game by whatever means necessary!
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