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  1. Question: Re: So do we go back to old school Alabama football against Arkansas?

    I think there will be more Najee than in recent games. However, Mac will have had practice with the wide receivers so his throws should improve. That being said, a week is just not enough time for...
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    Re: Tua has had surgery per ESPN

    The fact Tua was not limping going into the locker room was because he knew the cameras were on him and he toughed it out. ESPN reported after coming back in the ambulance he was limping, to what...
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    2020 Prospect: Re: 2020 Commits and Prospects

    Hey Mods: Is there any way we could have a stickied consolidated list of commits and prospects?
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    Re: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Vol style:

    Good - The win, cigar smoke wafting over the stadium and in the dressing room.''

    Bad - Tua's injury

    Ugly - Continually letting the Viles off the hook instead of "stepping on their neck with a...
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    Re: I Guess We Found a Punter

    He did well last night -- at least he can punt longer than 40 yards. Time will tell if he can consistent as we all hope he will.
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    Re: Tua has had surgery per ESPN

    I think we are being a tad hard on Tua. He has improved greatly with regard to getting rid of the ball and the move he was injured on looked quite innocuous at first blush. Of course, we know...
  7. Re: What was your MOST intense Alabama football moment?

    SEC Championship game against UGA in 2011 or 2012. AJ was the QB and we had that amazing O line and the RBs just ripped off 10-12 yards a go. Bama got a little sloppy and let UGA back in so Bama...
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    Re: The policy and politics of Trumpism

    Earle: I think removing US troops from Northern Syria as well as aerial and intelligence assistance to the Kurds, was Trump's birthday present to Putin. It is shameful that we should turn on an...
  9. Re: Suspended Alabama freshman Antonio Alfano has ‘disappeared a little bit’

    I saw where he had entered the transfer portal. Any further news?
  10. Re: Big Ten probably didn't have this in mind for their Friday Night Football

    There is always FS2
  11. Re: Saban suspends Devonta Smith for the first half vs. Tennessee

    I didn't think there was a choice about Smith missing the first half of the next game. I thought it was mandatory. That being said, even though the ATM player made the first strike, it is generally...
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    2020 Prospect: Re: 4* ILB Jordan Banks Commits to Arizona St.

  13. Re: SEC Shorts: Could you survive 24 hours as a Tennessee fan?

    Brilliant video but the best part was that the cupcake had the Chattanooga logo on it!
  14. Re: Fan About Town starring FunnyMaine: Episode 3 (Athens, GA)

    It's a toss up whose videos I like best -- Funny Maine or Randy Rainbow. Still deciding but it is a tie at this time.
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    Re: Jevan Snead passed away

    The answer is provide good, affordable mental health treatment and not allow insurance companies to ignore mental health treatment. Such treatment can be long and expensive but we must not allow...
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    Re: Pick the score: Alabama vs. Ole Miss

    I've not forgotton losing to Ole Miss with their 5 star "recruits". Therefore I will go with:

    Bama 58 - Ole Sis 7 (they score when the 3rd string are playing)
  17. Re: The Days of Their Vols (The 2019 Vol meltdown thread)

    As I live in Orangeland, it is not uncommon on the eve of the football season to see numerous cars adorned with flags on them with the big (ugly) orange T on them. Now, we are nearly into October I...
  18. Re: Suspended Alabama freshman Antonio Alfano has ‘disappeared a little bit’

  19. Re: Non Football - University of Alabama has done its job

    Congrats on his graduating Bama and acceptance into the LSU Medical School. Perhaps you could have suggested the NY School of Medicine which has free tuition which could have helped some -- i.e. a...
  20. Re: Suspended Alabama freshman Antonio Alfano has ‘disappeared a little bit’

    So tired of all this speculation. Let AA's family and the coaches help him with whatever he is dealing with -- his sick grandmother, etc. It's such a pointless thread after the initial information...
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    Re: Hard to believe AJ still on bench in NFL

    Would suggest he get with Barrett Jones to set out his financial plan. He'd still have plenty left over for a very upscale lifestyle.
  22. Re: Suspended Alabama freshman Antonio Alfano has ‘disappeared a little bit’

    allybama2009, rather harsh viewpoint. Alfano is a young man, first time away from home, completely different culture from what he's used to, and now his grandmother is on life support, so give him a...
  23. News Article: Re: Phillip Fulmer could be Tennessee football coach in waiting

    Totally agree. Fulmer couldn't stand it if Pruitt was successful.
  24. Re: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.... New Mexico State style:

    Maybe you need to put the training wheels back on!!! Sorry, couldn't resist. I do hope you have a speedy recovery.
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    Re: Upsets for Week 2

    That won't be an upset. 38-30 now that was an upset.
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