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    Re: UA Coaching Carousel (Locks, Gattis, Key, Enos, Tosh, and ???)

    this article does a nice job of highlighting the 2 extremes. Bama's turnover is extreme but so too is...
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    Re: 2018-19 Coaching Carousel

    Agreed but how do you guarantee that? Also, is it just me or is our turnover drastically more than any other top 5 or 10 team? UGA lost both coordinators but other teams seem more stable.
  3. Game Thread:  Re: COTTON BOWL / CFP Semifinal 1: Clemson vs Notre Dame (3:00pm CT | ESPN)

    What I can't figure out is why aren't we playing ND? Seems like OU should be #3!?!
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    Re: Three Clemson Players Fail Drug Tests

    This is only the second adversity for them all season if you count the QB change. They are so is to everything going their way with little push back from the competition or anywhere else. Be...
  5. Parking advice - Tuscaloosa for limited walking

    Hey there. My parents are going to the Iron Bowl this weekend and looking for an area to park with as limited walking as possible. long shot I know but post back surgery my step mom can't handle but...
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    Re: Coaching Turnover

    I think all the success amid the constant turnover in coaches is an underappreciated aspect of this run. It gets taken for granted by others....let's see some turnover at Clemson or UGA and see if...
  7. Re: Tennessee is officially offered Pruitt

    Personally I was hoping Dabo's coaching tree would grow this offseason rather than Saban' is what it is I guess. Ultimately, it is a positive sign and makes our 10 year run even more impressive...
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