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    Re: Bye week moving 2020 and beyond.

    Double bye weeks only occur when the season begins 8/30 or 8/31. That allows 14 Saturdayís before the first Saturday in December. Maybe the SEC is going to announce they are moving the SEC Champ game...
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    Re: Bye week moving 2020 and beyond.

    Not room for 2 bye weeks. Season starts 9/5 so only 13 Saturdayís before the SEC Champ game. Since AU cried loud enough to get the UGA game moved to early October, they have said they are moving...
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    Re: Roster moves (transfers/draft/etc)

    He got a heck of the deal. The amount of bonus he got is what is slotted for the 100th pick in the draft which is middle of the 3rd round. Any money over $125 goes against the Rangers draft pool....
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    Re: 9-1 loss ends the season

    I would not call them an idiot and they very much could be involved. That said, I believe GB has the ultimate say and I trust him to make the right decision.
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    Bye week moving 2020 and beyond.

    I was looking at our schedules in 2020, 2021 and beyond and it looks as if our annual FCS beatdown/Saban Media undressing is moving up a week. Are we going to a bye week before The Barn which would...
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    Re: Need input/Opinion on seats

    Those are Tide Pride seats. I personally would not want to be in the lower 5 rows as your viewing angle may not be great. If I cannot sit between the 40-50 yard line, I prefer the end zone, (either...
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    Re: 9-1 loss ends the season

    Iím saying about 1% of what I can. I had the opportunity to speak with someone about high up as you can in the administration and I can tell you eyes are on the program. Regardless of what was...
  8. Re: If you could attend any game in the nation in 2019, what game would it be and why

    We saw different fans... We parked literally 25 yards from the entry to the stadium. We had a suite parking pass which was awesome. We parked in our assigned space and within 10 seconds of getting...
  9. Link: Re: Jahvon Quinerly (Villanova Transfer)

    If he does get a waiver, how does he fit on the court with Lewis at the same time? Looking at his stats, he canít hit a basket if it were the size of the Pacific Ocean. I am excited we got him just...
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    Re: Trendon Watford

    Agree. IIRC he is the idiot who thinks we lose 4 games this fall.
  11. Re: What's the best road stadium/game day experience you've ever had?

    Stadiums Iíve been to besides BD.

    LSU - Great atmosphere, very gracious fans invite you to their tailgate. I know others have not had a great experience but, weíve always had a great time there. ...
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    Re: 9-1 loss ends the season

    My only argument against the whole lottery issue is UA has its merit scholarship program which works similar to the lottery. If an in state kid has a 26 ACT and 3.5 GPA they get 25%, a 28 ACT and...
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    SEC Tourney tie breaker

    Anyone know the tiebreaker rules? Watching our game VS aTm today, they announcers were talking about scenarios and unless I heard wrong, they said in a 3 way tie with USC and KY we would be 3rd....
  14. Re: Wake forest extends football coach in 8-year deal

    I forgot that Clawson served as OC for Fat Phil in 2008.
  15. Re: Will Blazer's Comments Get Any Traction (about Bama football)?

    Yup... NCAA has the disclaimer they can go back as far as they want to prove a pattern of wrong doing. I'm not worried about Blazer's comments but....
  16. Re: How do you feel about the status of the program?

    I did not expect to be in the top 25 in year 2. I did expect us to see some improvement in SEC play, not to see us possibly have a worse record than last year, even with the schedule we were dealt. I...
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    Re: Vandy game 3

    I get we donít have a lottery scholarship or TOPS like the Louisiana schools use. However, are we not allowed to use the UA granted Merritt Scholarships? If an in state kid has a 28 ACT and 3.5 HS...
  18. Re: How do you feel about the status of the program?

    When Byrne told the team Goff was dismissed, he made it clear he had a track record of hiring baseball coaches. He then pointed to Jay Johnson at Arizona who took Arizona from missing a regional 3...
  19. Re: How do you feel about the status of the program?

    Dude, TAKE A CHILL PILL, Damn!! I am well aware Coach Bohannon inherited a mess. I fully expected last year to be very challenging. I did expect to see some modest gains this year and it has not...
  20. Link: Re: Nick Saban will have hip replacement surgery

    My Uncle had replacement surgery at 75 and was back on the course exactly 4 weeks after the surgery. He and Lee Roy Jordan compared their hip surgeries during the LSU game this past fall and IIRC,...
  21. Re: How do you feel about the status of the program?

    Iíve been to several the past 2 years and will be at several more this year. I have been in the locker room, seen the meeting areas, indoor cage, got to hit in there and more. The upgrade moved us...
  22. Re: Is this the most doubt you've felt headed into a season?

    I remember that! I guess he figures idiotic columns get more clicks...... On a side note, reading a column on AL.COM about the Booger eating Barnís spring game, they will have 3 Heisman candidates at...
  23. Game Thread:  Re: A-Day Game (1pm CDT on ESPN2) & Gameday info

    Keep in mind we were extremely vanilla on offense today AND Tua saw the best defense he will see all year today. Our o-line saw the best front 7 it will have to deal with all year as well. As someone...
  24. Re: Is this the most doubt you've felt headed into a season?

    I am more confident this year for 3 reasons.

    1. The O-line should be able to control the LOS much better.
    2. The secondary will be very good and has the potential to be one of the best, if not...
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    Re: CNS Has A Bad Hip

    My Uncle had hip replacement surgery and was back on the golf course within 4 weeks. We watched the Iron Bowl this year with Lee Roy Jordan and the two old farts compared notes on their hip and...
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