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  1. Re: What ex-college football coach is next to join Alliance of American Football Leag

    I am enjoying the game so far.
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    Re: Georgia with the #1 recruiting class?

    Watch CNN much?
  3. Re: What can we take away from this year's recruting rankings ...

    We canít get them all. I know that is a shock for some based on their comments. Bama just signed a class which consists of more top 300 Recruits than ever. A great class! Roll Tide!
  4. Re: Who we are watching today and what time they will announce (and a few thoughts)

    Doesnít take much to navigate the ACC
  5. Re: SIAP - Video of Saban Speaking at AFCA Conference

    Great example of why he is the GOAT!
  6. Re: Well, Has CNS Started on the Clemson Game Plan Yet ??

    I completely agree with this completely!
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    Re: 2019 NFL Draft Process Thread

    This is the headline.
    ďRoss Pierschbacher gives his best guess at Alabama's OL next seasonĒ
    So, it was clear that the article wasnít about Pierschbacher but the OL for next season.
    Anyway, my...
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    Re: 2018-19 Coaching Carousel

    If this is the case, I am excited to see what he can do running his offense. We sure canít judge his performance in the NC game against Clemson after Kiffinís sudden departure. I am optimistic!
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    Re: 2018-19 Coaching Carousel

    I personally donít really care as long as we are winning the National Championship every other year.

    Back away from the ledge. Have you seen the class of recruits we just signed? Take a breath...
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    Re: Is Dabo Now "The Man" ?

    Hugh Freeze done pretty good against Saban. Maybe he is the GOAT?!
    Sorry, donít know how to use blue font. Lol
  11. Link: Re: Jalen Hurts is just getting started as his Alabama career winds down

    Iím thinking Michigan
  12. Re: Hits keep coming (a laugh if it doesn't hurt)

    I love how the paw 🐾 has 5 toes. Lol
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    Re: Clemson fans are enjoying this...

    Only problem is Clemson has no competition in the ACC. They will cruise through the season without a skirmish except for playing A&M. They might just get their wings clipped.
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    Re: Congrats, Clemson. What a game!

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    Re: Nick Saban finally has a worthy rival

    Clemson also benefits from playing in a conference that isnít fielding many good teams.
  16. Game Thread:  Re: OFFICIAL GAME THREAD - Bama v. Clemson - 2nd Half...

    Surprised to Lawrence still in this game.
  17. Game Thread:  Re: OFFICIAL GAME THREAD - Bama v. Clemson - 2nd Half...

    That is an omen!!!! Come on!!! RTR!!!
  18. Game Thread:  Re: OFFICIAL GAME THREAD - Bama v. Clemson - 2nd Half...

    Why not leave the offense on the field if you are going to do that?
  19. Game Thread:  Re: OFFICIAL PREGAME THREAD - Bama vs. The Cousin Clems...

    If Bama executes and stays focused, we will be celebrating #18!!!
    Roll Tide Roll!!!!!
  20. Re: **** 4 star OL Darrian Dalcourt signs with Bama ****

    I was wrong.

    He was graded by this...
  21. Re: **** 4 star OL Darrian Dalcourt signs with Bama ****

    I read where Neal had some triuble with the speed rush on the edge. He is a big boy!!! Footwork will definitely improve with great coaching!
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    Re: Dru Samia - why no penalty in CFP Semi?

    Is unsportsmanlike conduct not a personal foul???
  23. Re: Coach Saban as a Sophomore Playcaller at Age 15

    This is awesome!!! ďDonít think of plays in critical situations, think of players!Ē Genius!! Love our Coach! RTR
  24. Re: Here it Comes New Push for an 8 Team College Football Playoff

    I would go all in that Oklahoma would beat Notre Dame. I am sure that Iím not the only one.
  25. Re: Slightly OT: Is Anyone Else Noticing The Higher Than Normal Number Of NFL HC Firi

    Quinn is going to take over DC duties for the Falcons going forward.
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