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  1. News Article: Re: Sport Illustrated Top 100 Players for 2019

    Not terribly surprised by the list, but a bit surprised in the order.

    Without question, Raekwon has Top-10 ability. But whether he can consistently maintain focus, effort, and assignment...
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    Re: Advice for Roth and 401k

    Especially while you're young and new to the plan, the targeted fund is a great choice. It'll be almost 100% stocks, which is what you want at your stage in life and career.

    That desired mix...
  3. Question: Re: What will it take for Bama to win another NC this year?

    I hope you’re right about the sophomore slump.

    But I’m also curious....why do you expect that?
  4. Re: All 14 SEC coaches return for 2019 Media Days. Who woulda thunk it?

    It's not often that I disagree with Cecil Hurt. But absent a Chizik-esque total meltdown, I just don't see Fisher, Orgeron or Pruitt being let go this year.

    A&M has too much money in Fisher to...
  5. Re: CFN SEC Preview 2019: Still The Best Conference ... By Far

    Two things, only tangentially related:

    The thing the rest of the country denies is the grind of the SEC. Lesser teams can rise up and beat an SEC team, but it's usually the first game...
  6. Re: Duke-Bama tickets for the price of a rack of Dreamland ribs

    Mrs. Basket Case and I have paid well over market, for substandard seats, several times over. We may have fallen off a turnip truck, but that didn't happen yesterday.

    We'll still go to the game,...
  7. Question: Re: What will it take for Bama to win another NC this year?

    A detailed article by Michael Casagrande in today's Birmingham News lays out what we have to do. The contrast in key performance stats between the first 8 games and the last 7 is stark.

    Kind of...
  8. Question: Re: What will it take for Bama to win another NC this year?

    I wish I could disagree. I can’t.
  9. Re: Texas regent still says Nick Saban was coming in 2013

    My point exactly.

    We lose to the barn in 2017, and are happy to trade that for a National Championship.

    A large portion of their fans would, however, trade a championship of any description for...
  10. Re: Texas regent still says Nick Saban was coming in 2013

    Earle, I think he could be 7-6, so long as there's a win over us.

    Goes like this: 6-5 headed into the Iron Bowl, which he somehow wins. In the process, he simultaneously destroys our NC chances,...
  11. Urban Meyer Podcast on Leadership, Culture, and Behavior -- I'm Not Kidding

    You can't make this stuff up. I have no words.
  12. Re: Who throws for more yards Tua or Jalen?

    Throwing yards -- close. I'll go with Tua, in a photo finish, only because of the WRs.

    Total yards -- Jalen. The Big 12-2 hasn't seen a QB like him. They play pretty crappy defense anyway, and...
  13. Re: Texas regent still says Nick Saban was coming in 2013

    Amen to that.

    I won't divulge the name, other than to say this individual is in position to know chapter and verse on the numbers. There is no link. Believe me or not based on my record here.
  14. Re: Texas regent still says Nick Saban was coming in 2013

    Full banjeaux for this.

    Additionally, I think the fact that it got out leading up to our NC game, in enough detail that Saban knew only a select few could possibly have leaked it, was a killer. ...
  15. Re: Excellent Stats on 2018 Defensive Weaknesses

    The DB performance and DL / OLB performance are mutually dependent, and it's hard to talk about either in a vacuum.

    DL and OLB generating a pass rush means DBs don't have to cover as long,...
  16. Excellent Stats on 2018 Defensive Weaknesses

    This article is from BamaHammer. Gives an excellent breakdown on what cost us in the last few games.

    It's true that...
  17. Re: Tua Tagovailoa misses Manning Passing Academy with minor injury

    Mac (or whoever is the #2QB), absolutely has to get some meaningful playing time, running the whole offense the way it's designed to be run -- deep balls, short releases, RPOs....everything. It...
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    Question: Re: Time for a new TV...

    I've come to the conclusion that there is no longer any provider of tech services offering even marginally decent customer service. Applies to phone, cable / satellite TV, Internet, what have you.
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    Re: 75th anniversary of D-Day...

    Just looked it up. Laupheim is about 650 km / 400 miles SSE from Berlin. That's one huge hike. Hope she hitched a ride on something, even if it was a horse-drawn wagon, for at least part of the...
  20. Link: Re: UA Athletic Department Reported 16 Minor Infractions in 2018

    I see a couple of stupid rules — no personalized desserts? Really?

    Some other stupid stuff on our part. Acknowledging that three incidents of impermissible contact is definitely isolated,...
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    Re: Happy Secession Day

    What test did you take?

    Mrs. Basket Case and I did NatGeo, mainly because of the pledges around treatment of results. The controls at 23 and Me and Ancestry seemed a bit loose for us.

  22. Re: Who are your all-time top five Alabama quarterbacks?

    I'm surprised Steadman Shealy hasn't gotten more love for this list.

    I always thought he was the best QB of the Bryant wishbone era, even better than Terry Davis. Davis was a better pure runner. ...
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    Re: Early lines on a few games of interest

    I tend to agree, 81. I'll be rooting for the Ducks, but think it's a fool's errand until such time that a Pac 12 team shows it can hand with an SEC team in the trenches for 60 minutes.

    That, and...
  24. Re: Rod Bramblett and Wife in Serious Car Accident; Wife Passes Away (Update: Both Pa

    Yeah, CA....I'm not sure if it's a good idea myself.

    Far too often, though, discussions center on what won't work: "We can't do this because...." "That doesn't make sense because...." Then, when...
  25. Re: Rod Bramblett and Wife in Serious Car Accident; Wife Passes Away (Update: Both Pa

    I see no good answers here.

    Two people dead way before their time. Two teenagers without either parent. One teenager who will never be the we tend to think.

    Absent significant...
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