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    Re: UCF Is Dead So.......

    UCF is a huge school in a great recruiting area . I know they were a pain in the butt with all of the National Championship chatter , but , they are far from dead .
  2. Game Thread:  Re: Official Postgame Thread Bama vs. Ole Miss...

    The problems we are having on defense are no surprise considering all of the Juniors going pro , defections, and season ending injuries . We all knew this young defense would have it's struggles. ...
  3. Re: I didn't watch the UH @ Tulane game, but the ending was spectacular!

    I kept looking for Anoma on Houston's D . Any news on him ?
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    Alabama: Re: Latest Bama News 9/9/2019 Thru 9/15/2019

    God bless you and your family .
  5. Re: Another Bama player lost for the year: Labryan Ray this time

    I'm glad the boys on the team don't share the same negativity as some on this board . If you are ready to give up on the season please send me your tickets !
  6. Re: Suspended Alabama freshman Antonio Alfano has ‘disappeared a little bit’

    I won't respond to that !
  7. News Article: Re: Phillip Fulmer could be Tennessee football coach in waiting

    I can see it now . Through the mist, under a bright harvest moon , it's Friday the 13th and the Great Pumpkin rises from the grass of Neyland Stadium !
  8. Re: Are We Witnessing a Fundamental Shift in Football (Offense and Defense Style)

    Football is the most cyclical of all the team sports !
  9. Re: What happened to Thursday night college football?

    Washington State vs Houston Fri. night
  10. Alabama: Re: Did not like CNS antics in pressconf after game

    Here's a twenty, bury two !
  11. Game Thread:  Re: Official PreGame Thread Bama vs. Duke...

    I went into kidney failure three years ago and have been on dialysis since . My son surprised me with a ticket and I'm going with him and my three grandsons
    Needless to say, I'm pumped ! RTR !
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    2020 Prospect: Re: 5* RB & #1 Player Zachary Evans

    Get rid of him . I'm tired of his blathering !
  13. Re: Dylan Moses hurt according to Aaron Suttles

    Shane Lee is going to bust some heads !
  14. Poll: Re: PART II: 2019 Gameday meetup

  15. Re: Enos rips Miami Freshman QB after loss to UF

    I can't say what I feel about Enos on a family friendly board . I'm glad he's gone from Tuscaloosa !
  16. Poll: Re: PART II: 2019 Gameday meetup

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    Re: Saban Press conference and that guy

    "Here's a twenty , bury two."
  18. Re: Anybody Else Both Look Forward To and Dread Scrimmage Reports?

    Ford has an ankle sprain .One week .
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    Re: Where can I get a media guide ?

    Thanks !
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    Where can I get a media guide ?

    I used to be able to buy them at Books-a-Million but they no longer carry them in Florida .
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    2020 Prospect: Re: 5* RB Kendall Milton

    Why does a Dog come to this board to bloviate about recruiting ? Seeking validation ?
  22. Re: USAT: Clemson, not Alabama, now face of college football

    Wolves are not concerned with the opinions of sheep !
  23. Re: Kirby Still Using Dirty Recruiting Methods

    Trey Sanders 3rd tier says it all !
  24. Re: What's the best road stadium/game day experience you've ever had?

    Los Angeles Collisium USC vs Bama !
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    Poll: Re: Tidefans 2019 Game day meetup

    A night game would be great . Having said that , I will be at any of the three that is picked . I'm on dialysis so I have to plan around that . RTR !
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