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    Re: Plain Trouble on "Da Plains" (all AU posts here)

    True....but one could make a strong argument that UGA 2016 is a much better situation than UA 2007. Nick didn't replace one of the most successful coaches in program history with several solid years...
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    Re: Could Butch Jones be on the hot seat?

    I agree with other posters - the current UT staff bring in a lot of raw talent, but one can find a lot of flaws in their player development, gameplanning and play calling. UT will likely win 10 games...
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    2016 Election - Trump: Re: Can Trump Really Win the Presidency?

    A disgusting human Trump is indeed, deficient in many areas. I agree that his public behavior has often represented the antithesis of Christianity. But Hillary has commited to uphold and perpetuate a...
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    2016 Election - Trump: Re: Can Trump Really Win the Presidency?

    The conundrum posed to all Christians is whether to vote for this disgusting, potentially dangerous, wholly unqualified man who seems to lack both a filter and a moral compass - or to vote for a...
  5. Re: Has Mike Shula visited Alabama in any capacity since being let go?

    To those of you pushing the "Shula got us through a rough period when no one else wanted the job, he was a decent guy, etc" line: please, please search for previous posts on the matter from some of...
  6. Re: Is it possible to win long term at Miami on the up and up?

    This sums up the issues for Miami pretty much perfectly.

    All of this said, I do think Miami is capable of rising to prominence again, but it would take the absolute perfect fit at head coach. And...
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    Re: Game Thread: Alabama vs BYE

    Well guys, we can't beat BYE if Kiffin keeps going away from the run game like he did just then.
  8. Re: Boy Scouts close to ending ban on gay members, leaders

    " this post-modernist view, where absolutes are seen as relics and laughed out of the room."

    - Foster the People

    A good description of the direction in which our society is headed, IMO.
  9. Re: How would you describe President Obama in one word?

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    Re: When does life begin? (Your opinion)

    Heaven is a big place. For my part, I don't think this is as absurd of a notion as some might.
  11. Re: Question about progressive view on taxation

    If you're a left-wing populist, you've got to be able to fund a growing and ever-more-intrusive government. So you've got to tax somebody, and the rich have plenty to spare, right?
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    Re: New coach search...

    I've done a bit of research and if Steve Prohm ends up getting the job, I'm not sure it's as much of a letdown as we think. The guy has a 78% career winning percentage in four seasons, which is 12%...
  13. Re: Will the Oregon loss slow down the proliferation of HUNH offenses?

    I agree...didn't mean to imply that defense was losing its importance. I just think the days of grinding out a 13-10 win over an elite opponent may be in the rear view, for the most part. I think in...
  14. Re: Will the Oregon loss slow down the proliferation of HUNH offenses?

    To answer the original post - in my opinion, no. The tempo-based spread is becoming the default offense at the high school level and that tends to trickle upward from a recruiting and development...
  15. Re: Is coach Saban and Smart outsmarting themselves on defense?

    This essentially nails my thoughts on the matter, with a couple of added points: I think that at the high school level these days, the better athletes are being funneled to the offensive side of the...
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