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    Re: The Coaches who overachieve.

    With CKF i would argue that he can recruit, he just tends to have less success with highly touted players. But he has a good reputation of developing talent, especially with linemen, o and d. And as...
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    Question: Re: Recruiting Concerns & Questions

    Its more likely that Saban is taking a different tact this season given the early signing period than he used to. I could be wrong but its not likely that CNS forgot how to recruit all of a sudden....
  3. News Article: Re: Are Alabama Players Draft Busts or Not? The Numbers Tell the Story

    You missed Ryan Kelly who was among the best centers last year.

    Also Carson tinker is worth a nod.
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    News Article: Re: ESPN layoffs

    The sports tv contract bubble was bound to burst at some point. Will be interesteing to see how this impacts new tv contracts in cfb.
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    Question: Re: Recruiting Concerns & Questions

    two things.

    I believe there may be some re-evaluation of what the staff are looking for at some positions with the turnover on the staff and that may be effecting the number of public verbals,...
  6. News Article: Re: Adrian Peterson, Saints closing in on contract

    Even is Saints sign AP, Ingram will get all the carries in the second half of the season when AP has his annual "leg falling off game" or child beating spree.
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    Re: Should Tua be redshirted?

    I also fee that if any qb we had on the roster a year ago, NOT named right jalen hurts, was our starter going into 2017, tua would win that job eventually, even from Barnette. Just no reason to keep...
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    Re: Should Tua be redshirted?


    Play tua in relief to prepare him in case we do need him. Don't worry too much about 2019 in 2017.

    Mac jones needs a redshirt. Tua needs time to adjust to the speed of sec defenses, only...
  9. Re: Is Mizzou the Surprise Team in the SEC for 2017?

    surprise they are still in the conference.
  10. Re: How should Tide QBS Jalen, Tua and/or Mac Be Used in 2017?

    Based solely on what we know and have not much. Mac needs a RS to develop (size and skill), Tua would only need one to put an extra year between he and hurts.

    in that case you RS Mac...
  11. Re: Spring Practice Thread (Practice Reports, Press Conference Updates, etc)

    that sure is a nice spring practice thread...Would be a shame if someone...mentioned recruiting rankings.
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    2018 Prospect: Re: CB Christian Tutt

    I have a feeling things pick up after A day. no inside info, just think that gives 2018 recruits time to get used to all our new staff and the obvious major visit weekend A day provides.

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    Re: Eddie Lacy signs with Seahawks

    Green Bay threw him under the bus in 2015 instead of admitting how bad their O line was. They couldn't run block for anyone. Im sure his weight didnt help but that was hardly the only issue.
  14. Re: ***2016 DT Kendell Jones Commits to the Tide***

    maybe he'll be part of next years class, if he qualifies.
  15. Re: Ten Alabama Players Invited to NFL Combine

    I'm assuming you've never worked in medicine. they are pretty on edge too.

    I work on a behavioral health unit and while staff can make things worse it sounds like foster was the aggressor here....
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