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    Game Thread: Re: Mizzou vs. Arkansas

    Is the ref the David Smith that QBed Bama in the 80's
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    Receptions and freshmen

    By my count 15 different plays had at least one reception against GSU. Anyone know the official record? Interesting, A Cooper did not catch a pass.

    Three true freshmen started tody's game: ...
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    Re: ****Official Bama vs. TAMU Game Thread****

    Drake was on kickoff. Good sign
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    NFL QB Wins

    With Greg McElroy starting this week for the Jets it made me start thinking about the last time an Alabama QB won a game as a starter in the NFL. I don't think Brodie won one. Rutledge? Todd? Just...
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    MSU Vs Boise

    If you get the chance to watch MSU vs BSU tonight, check at MSU's QB. Maxwell goes to my church and his dad is a friend. He considered Bama as an Elite 11 QB, but we (bama) went with AJ. Good good...
  6. Re: - Say Something Nice about Michigan Thread -

    I live in Michigan. Midland, MI to be exact. Michigan has good people and is a nice place to live. UM is a great academic schook, if a little bit liberal for my tastes.
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    Re: What is Chris Jordan's status?

    I did see him on the sideline with no pads. Jersey and street pants.
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    Red Tape

    I notice some red tape on the lower right back of each helmet. It appeared to be covering a logo. Any idea what was being covered up? Just curious.
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    Re: Michigan St. Final Score

    Go Chips. I'm a professor at CMU. I was not at all surpised about the outcome.
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    Re: Best Ever SEC Linebackers

    I think I would pick E.J Junior over Kraus. Note: He did play DE in a 52 defense, which if very close to an OLB in a 3-4
  11. Re: New Orleans Bowl- Deandre Brown Injured

    I don't see how these injuries happen. Simple landings and hard plants are breaking legs like match stickes. I was a paratrooper and we would hit the ground hard, really hard. I rarely saw such...
  12. Re: Per ESPN, Brian Kelly top candidate for UT job

    I have some insight on Brian Kelly. I'm a professor at Central Michigan U. Kelly is an excellent coach, but his teams had some major discipline problems while at CMU. His team ran the spread and...
  13. Game Thread: Re: ***OFFICIAL*** ALABAMA vs OM THREAD Page I

    Brad Smelly was in at TE during TD
  14. Re: Greatest running back tandem after Coach Bryant

    1983, the first year under Perkins:

    Ricky Moore
    Kerry Goode
    Paul Ott Carruth
    Linne Patrick
    Joe Carter.
  15. Link: Re: ESPN: Breaking down the 2009 quarterbacks

    For what it's worth, "tier 3" QB Andrew Maxwell goes to my church. He is a great kid with a lot of smarts. His father told me that he was interested in 'Bama. He's a verbal for Michigan State, but...
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