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  1. Re: Pick the score: Clemson vs. Alabama (National Championship Game)

    Bama 27
    Clemson 17
  2. Re: Classic College Football on the tube

    1994 vs Georgia
    1999 vs Florida regular season
    1999 Vs Florida SEC championship game
  3. Re: New Coach at LSU 1:00 EST (12:00 CST)

    Don't forget we have Mike Locksley stashed as an analyst also.
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    ADMIN NOTE: Re: Welcome to The Rivalry Room!

    I agree
  5. Question: Re: Favorite Game From The 2015 Season? (ANY EXCEPT TITLE GAME!)

    Georgia hands down!! I live & work with this bunch everyday.
  6. Re: 2017 4* RB Cam Akers (Clinton, MS) Updates (Decommits)

    Watch out for Georgia on this one. He visited there and then decommited. He would be CKS third Bama commit flip in a week.
  7. Re: With most of the Juniors Staying - How does that affect us in Recruiting?

    Question, can you over sign if you can back count to last years class?
  8. Re: Where would you rank the onside kick among the best plays in Alabama history?

    What about the Eryk Ander's sack against Texas?
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    Re: Mel Tucker to UGA as DC

    At this point CKS has hired 8 of 9 on the field coaches.
  10. Re: Report: Kirby Smartís now the front-runner for the South Carolina job

    If CKS does take the USCE job It will be interesting to see what he does about staff. Do you think he try to get CJP from Georgia?
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    Question: Re: Best Place for Kirby Smart?

    If you remember he was turned down by San Jose State.
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    Question: Re: Best Place for Kirby Smart?

    There is an interesting article on Dawg Nation by Chip Towers concerning coach Richt's plight. It also mentions staff discord, and that is caused by Pruitt.
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    Re: RB Update and Questions

    I think that CLK will use a combination of Drake and Stewart in the Cooper roll, and Drake to be the primary back up to Henry. It looks like Harris is the real deal and that would be a huge bonus.
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    Re: Disecting Alabama vs. Wisconsin

    Does Wisconsin's new coach (Chryst) run a similar offense to the past regime?
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    Re: Tom Roberts' Replacement

    Hey guy's, here's a couple of sugestions: Tyler Watts or Jay Barker.
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