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    News Article: Re: Nick Saban Better than Coach Bryant with win?

    Both coaches Bryant and Saban have similar styles in the process and recruiting and the belief that you win NC'S with great defense. I am very familiar with Coach Bryant and his time but because...
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    Re: I kinda like these ND posters..

    ND and Bama have great tradition and fans and the games we have played were for the most part very good. I expect this one to be another good one. I hope we maintain a good rapport because I would...
  3. Re: Question For The Coach Bryant Era Fans (About Moving Jobs)

    This is the accurate post on Coach Bryant,other than this,he was never interested in leaving Bama.
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    Question: Who is America's favorite college Team.

    Who is the most followed team with the largest national fan base? I am sure many still think it is ND or Michigan,Souther Cal or Texas. In my humble opinion,I say it is our beloved Alabama Crimson...
  5. Thread: Texas A&M

    by OLDTIDE

    Question: Texas A&M

    I have the greatest respect for the Aggies and think they are a great addition to the SEC.Their QB is outstanding and deserves every accolade that has been bestowed upon him.Having said that,here is...
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    Re: Kirby Smart at Tennessee?

    Kirby will hang with Bama and when Nick Retires,Kirby will step up to Bama Head man.
  7. Game Thread: Re: ***OFFICIAL Alabama vs Penn St Post game Thread***

    Bama and Penn State are the two class programs in college football. Great fans,coaches,players and we all respect each other and get along. Wish we played each other every year and show everyone else...
  8. News Article: Re: Penn State wrap-up: Tide wins big, but trouble spots start to become evident

    In my opinion,our weak areas can be corrected as the season progresses. Our weakness will not prevent the Tide from wining another NC. I worry about Florida and the old Ball Coach over at SC But we...
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    Question: Re: What if Bama beat V.Tech 33-30 last weekend?

    Bama would have beat VT like 42-17. We would beat BS like 31-14. Boise will get better and so will VT. If we play BS in a champioship game, It would be a good one for 3 quarters and then our defense...
  10. News Article: Re: Penn State preview: Alabama hopes JoePa’s return yields different results

    I Love JoePa and have great respect for Penn State. In this game however,Alabama is without a doubt a more solid team. Coach Saban is not one to run up the score and will not show case all the...
  11. Re: Are There Any Oregon Ducks Fans Here Other Than Me?

    I can't be ugly to these pretty Bama women that married Barners because I married a Tennessee Vol girl and that is almost as bad. Heather my lady, i used to live in the good city of Portland many...
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    Alabama Football Summer Camp

    My Great Nephew Cole Martin from Houston Tx. Made the all Coach Saban team as QB at summer camp. Only around 40 out of 500 made the all Saban team. Cole is only 14 and is already 6 feet tall and...
  13. Re: FSU's Jimbo Fisher is using the Saban approach

    I have several FSU Alum as friends and they are all very High on Jimbo. They think he will be a success because Of the Saban influence. Most FSU fans would love to get another game or series with...
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    Re: More NCAA records for Bama

    Man Oh Man, and Gals to. Sho nuff makes me pleased as punch to be a life long Bama Fan.
  15. Re: If you didn't pull for your team, what team would you pull for.

    Outside the SEC,Boise St.Penn St and Oregon. In the SEC, Razorbacks,Dawgs and the Vols,in that order. As an old time Bama fan, I used to pull for Auburn when they were not playing us but the Barners...
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