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    Re: Predict UTe v Alabama score thread

    42-6 UT kicks 2 field goals...extends their non touchdown streak so they can say they had a record-breaking season.
  2. Link: Re: Okay, now I'm worried!

    Too funny...thanks for sharing...I got a good laugh that I needed.
  3. Re: CFN Article - What if Bama and UGA both go 12-0?

    Haven't read all the pages...but what if a 2 loss UGA wins the SEC over what becomes a 1 loss UA?

    For what it's worth -- Joey Galloway and Kirk Herbstreit both said that they see no scenario --...
  4. Re: Videos: Rashaan Evans Destroyed Two Arkansas Players

    Just don't hurt yourself! We need him on several different levels...
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    Re: What happened to the "screen"pass?

    Or even a late dump off pass in the flat to an rb...Ingram, Richardson, Lacey, etc. used to get these all the time. Maybe the defenses are playing us for that...or we are running JH instead.
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    Re: Alabama Players in the NFL

    Mariota's play was textbook as to how a running QB can play from the pocket when he needs to do so. I sure hope our QB's were watching this...I did not know he was that precise of a passer -- was...
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    Re: Alabama Players in the NFL

    Agreed...Murray is really, really good -- but he wore down as the game went on...understandable. Henry got stronger despite being called on to make the tough runs in short yardage situations. I...
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    Re: Opinions on our defense

    Watching Titans vs. Colts last night...Titans d in 2nd half reminded me of Bama's d . Lots of blitzing from different areas...took Brissett out of his comfort zone.

    Is there a defense we would...
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    Re: Petition for Alabama...

    Ridiculous. #No.Whining.Allowed. #We.Are.Bama.
  10. Re: A Trent Richardson Sighting - CFL highlights - w/ a little Christion Jones

    From Wikipedia:

    Team name
    The team almost immediately made contact with previous Rough Riders owner Horn Chen regarding the Rough Riders name. The ownership group were well aware of the price...
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    Re: Opinions on our defense

    Our weakness is delayed passes over the middle -- especially when we blitz and it is picked up. Every d has a weakness -- I just get tired of seeing those passes completed...
  12. Re: UNC gets zero penalties in NCAA investigation

    Here's a link to the Charlotte Observer. At least some people in NC understand that UNC's reasoning is a shot at their own academical well as an admission that we did wrong but you...
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    Game Thread: Re: OFFICIAL POSTGAME THREAD: Bama vs. Hogs...

    Agreed...but I hope we never need him to make anything more than an extra point...all kickers scare me!!!
  14. Question: Re: There are only 8 undefeated teams left. How’s your playoff shaping up?

    Primarily I suggested this to show that you could use only 2 conferences and have a valid playoff scenario. Using only 4 teams is an incredible limitation that causes headaches...especially since...
  15. Re: Opinions on our offense

    Excellent observation...I had not remembered that. Makes the offense look much better...thanks.
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