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  1. Re: The father of Dabo Swinney passed away last evening

    lost my dad 9 years ago and it still feels like it was yesterday. every time i see someone has lost a father i immediately go to that moment i found out my dad had passed. just one of those events...
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    Re: Glenn Coffee Update

    hooaaahhh!!!!! hope he makes it through ranger school if he decides to go, that is one tough school.
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    ISO Tix for MSU game

    My cousin turns 50 years old around the state game and we are looking for tix to game. Thanks for your help. RTR

    Looks like we will need six. Any help would be much appreciated
  4. Re: ATTN: Ticket Sellers & Buyers - 2010 Ticket Policy - MUST ALSO INLUCDE this info

    Will do
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    Re: How excited are you about Bama's future?

    Saban has assembled a talented bunch of players and I am positive that we will be in the national championship conversation for years to come. Roll Tide!!!
  6. Question: Re: What will be the Bama playcalling to start the game?

    McCarron will drop back and throw to norwood to start the game to gain 8 or more yards. 2nd play will be another throw, then the 3rd play will be a zone blocking rush to the right side of the field.
  7. Re: Wow! Jameis Winston investigated for sexual assault

    We are required to sit in on sexual assault briefs yearly in the Army. From what I am reading in the media and seeing on newscast, this has the markings of sexual assault. The SHARP training we...
  8. Question: What is the chant during "Dixieland Delight"?

    Can someone please tell me the chant during "Dixieland Delight"? I cant remember what it is and would love to teach all my new Bama fans here at Fort Hunter Liggett the chant. thanks and RTR
  9. Re: 2013 "Game of the Century" - Oregon vs. Stanford

    Since I am stationed out here in California and only 2 hours south of Palo Alto, I am thinking about going to this game. I have an Oregon fan that works with me that is bugging me to go with him,...
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    Re: Bars In New Orleans for Bama Fans

    thats funny, i dont care who you are!!!!!
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    Re: Alabama Dynasty Video

    very nice!!!! RTR
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    Re: Glen Coffee completed Airborne School?

    great news and i welcome him with open arms into the greatest army on the planet earth!!!!!! RTR!!!!
  13. Re: Roll Tide...Who says this to you when you are out in public?

    Living in central Cali at Fort Hunter Liggett i get a lot of Roll Tides here on post. When we venture out to San Louis Obispo, CA (Home of Cal-Poly) i get a lot of Roll Tides and some smirks from on...
  14. Link: Re: Posted this also on the recruiting board, but, since things are slow - UA flow sh

    thats the best flow chart i have ever seen. BTW, i didnt make it past the first question or even an offer from hugh freeze hahaha
  15. Re: Who are the most likely players to replace those we are losing on the OL?

    i believe we have a JUCO lineman coming in that has the potential to replace Fluker.
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