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  1. Re: Say something nice about your opponent (Tennessee)

    Dont'a Hightower and Barrett Jones and all the native sons of Tennessee who "volunteer" to leave that state to play for Alabama.
  2. JessN: Re: Tennessee preview: It’s been a rocky year for UT, and not likely to get better th

    My one request for the offense? I do not want to see J.K. Scott punt. That is all.
  3. Re: Video surfaces of Clemson's version of 'Fight Club' in locker room

    I am a little disappointed that nobody screamed, "Mortal Kombat!!!!!!!!!!!!!"""""""

    With that said, on the surface it looks like boys being boys. But as another poster said, if they had this...
  4. Re: jefferson davis high school in ms. being renamed for obama

    In general, I don't have a real problem with it. I just don't think Barack has earned the right to have a school named after him. (Same for a lot of presidents, I guess.)
  5. Re: Former GOP candidate mails pipe bomb, explodes and injures pregnant postal worker

    Could that question also be asked about James Hodgkinson, the baseball field shooter?


    Both parties have there own lunatics that hang on the fringes. I don't consider Hodgkinson...
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    Re: NBA Team “We Want Bama” 😄

    I had the Detroit's Bad Boy teams in mind with my comment, so late 80's-90s for tackle basketball.
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    Re: SEC Shorts: Bama vs Arky

    Can't stop laughing. Man, "Dale" should have listen to the GPS.
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    Re: Bama a 33 Point Favorite Over ut

    Because of the week, enjoy:
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    Re: NBA Team “We Want Bama” 😄

    Which is called "1980s NBA."
  10. Re: Rise of the Bromance Threatens Heterosexual Relationships Warn Social Scientists

    Should the appropriate term be "besties?" Afterall bromance=teenage girls BFF, right? Right? That is what my niece tells me.
  11. Re: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Tombstone

    Still love the story of how Kurt Russell save that movie. That is some kind of dedication to not just the movie but to the cast and crew. Kurt earned some respect from me.
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    Re: 2017 no Bama on UK tv again. :(

    I thought the OP was talking Kentucky and I was wondering why people in Kentucky could not get Bama games. Then I look under his avatar and then it dawn on me, he was not talking uk the state, he was...
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    Re: Game Thread: Shamecocks vs Viles

    I agree. But at some point Tennessee is going to stumble into a really good coach. My preference for UTe coach would a certain "fat" guy who loves to gossip about other schools.
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    Re: A Southern Horror Movie0-

    Kale, no pick up tree AND unsweet tea. Aw....hades no. It's on now. ;)

    Funny stuff, though.
  15. Re: SEC shorts: Awbarn 2017 football season

    Funny, funny, funny.

    A bit disappointing that there was not some kind of "Dr. Nick" (anybody got that reference? x fingers.) thing in this video. Oh well, it still funny as hades.
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