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  1. Re: Say something nice about your opponent (Tennessee)

  2. Re: Back by popular demand: I hate Tennessee (video)

    I may be the only one who has never liked this video.
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    Re: Opinions on our defense

    I miss CJK.
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    Re: Kiffin look alike at game!

    You owe that man an apology.
  5. Question: Re: There are only 8 undefeated teams left. How’s your playoff shaping up?

    Wouldn't we have to do the same exact thing? Get through Auburn and then play them? Georgia is not a cream puff or smoke and mirrors.
  6. Link: Re: Dabo will be attending Bama vs Arky game on Saturday - 92 Championship Team Reuni

    I know you used the blue font, but most will not see it and will think you are serious.
  7. Re: SEC explains why Alabama players couldn't show wristband messages

    I agree. While I personally have no issues with Scripture references or other references that are not intended to provoke, the line is thin and human nature is to challenge the rules.
  8. Game Thread: Re: OFFICIAL POST-GAME THREAD - Bama vs. TAMU...

    It was ugly, but it was a win. I suppose a let down was coming after the last 2 weeks and TAM played very well. At the end of the night a win is a win.
  9. Game Thread: Re: OFFICIAL PREGAME THREAD: Bama vs. TAMU...

    Winning big is nice, but no injuries with a win is perfect. If the season goes like most suspect, Auburn and Georgia will be very tough games. We need everyone to be healthy and ready for those games.
  10. Re: What is better -- dominating weak SEC or narrowly top team in elite conference?

    The O is better than in the past, but the D is not as good as the past few years. We will see how good we are when we play Auburn and perhaps the SEC East representative.
  11. Game Thread: Re: OFFICIAL GAME THREAD - Bama vs. Ole Miss - 2nd Half...

    Wow. I can't decide if we are that good or Ole Miss is just that bad.
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    Re: FunnyMaine week 4

    I also appreciate the Bible verses in the background.
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    Re: The fall of teams I hate

    Replace Ohio St with Tennessee and it would be a perfect football weekend. Still, 2 out of 3 ain't bad.
  14. Game Thread: Re: OFFICIAL POSTGAME THREAD: Bama vs. Fresno St...

    Exactly. This was a good game to start preparing the non-starters.
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    Re: How good is Coach Mac?

    I think this is very true and the reason he is not seeing the success a school like Florida should see.
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