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    Re: 8/10 Scrimmage Updates

    I'm of course not happy to hear about the injuries, both at spots we don't have much depth. But at LB we have had McLain, Hightower, Mosley and possibly a few others who started as true freshman...
  2. Re: Is Clemson the most prolofic Propaganda Machine ever?

    I don't know how much hype is coming from Clemson, I do know there is a strong media current to crown them the new "Alabama" and the team that ended the Saban run of championships. Its possible...
  3. Question: Re: What will it take for Bama to win another NC this year?

    Obviously health plays a factor as we have seen repeatedly. But to me we need to get back to being able to run on people even when they are dedicated to stopping us from doing it. If we can do...
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    Re: Who throws for more yards Tua or Jalen?

    The gap in defenses they are going against is significant. Hurts will pass for more yards.
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    News Article: Re: Josh Chapman Arrested with Second DUI

    It sounds like Chapman needs some time off to get some treatment. I'm sure being one of our boys they are more concerned about him as a person than dealing with this from a disciplinary issues. ...
  6. Re: I hate July! CFB canít get here soon enough

    Unfortunately if you're team is in the news in July, it's because somebody's done something stupid, immoral, illegal or they have injured/killed themselves. Unless you're auburn where "being...
  7. Re: Former Kentucky QB Jared Lorenzen Passed Away Today

    This guy truly was a legendary player, not so much a legendary Quarterback, he was a very very good quarterback, good enough to stick with the Giants I believe, but just a unique individual that...
  8. Re: Tua Tagovailoa misses Manning Passing Academy with minor injury

    I'm not saying Tua is injury prone but I am saying that I have a gut feeling that our season may hinge on how good Mac Jones really is.
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    Re: How ILB became a weak link at Alabama

    Really a combination of problems, coaching turnover, missed on a recruit here and there (which might be related to coaching turnover because some misses are players who just didn't develop). ...
  10. Question: Re: Will Bama ever return to a physical running game?

    Certainly the trend in college football is more and more to air it out. A mediocre team can become a contender if they can find a great QB. Winning it all would be hard but I think we've already...
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    Question: Re: Starting Offensive Lineup

    The problem we face is that our two biggest threats Clemson and Georgia can essentially spend the entire season practicing for us while they give minimal attention to squashing the pansies on their...
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    summer enrollee discussion

    So according to my well outdated files the following guys are supposed to report now or possibly as late as fall

    RB's Keilan Robinson & Trey Sanders
    TE Jahleel Billingsley
    LB's King Mwikuta and...
  13. Re: Do you remember the down years for Alabama football?

    Why'd you have to bring that up?
  14. Re: Anonymous coaches raise concerns about Alabama for 2019 season

    I think everybody saw the issues at QB down the stretch. He's a great talent who still needs to learn.

    Defensively we've literally never had to worry about MLB until last year and I don't know if...
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    Link: Re: Jarrett Stidham Hurt His Stock at Auburn

    Cam Newton's success was in spite of him spending 4 months at Auburn, not because of it. The offense is great for an athletic QB who would otherwise not play at the college level and who mostly just...
  16. Re: Is this the most doubt you've felt headed into a season?

    The championship game was hard to take and does need to serve as a focus on getting better, but Clemson in addition to being a better "team" got a few breaks. For instance after the fake punt our...
  17. News Article: Re: SIAP: Clemson WR Justyn Ross Thinks Some NCAA Players Will Leave to Play in XFL

    Ross is a good receiver, I wish we had signed him, but he's not AS good as we made him look. The Nick Saban defense works when you got experience in the back end, when it doesn't people are open...
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    Re: 2019 Spring Practice Thread

    I feel like they are going to have to move somebody from outside to ILB. I realize they are different positions but ultimately they are football players, they read the defense and destroy things. ...
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    Game Thread:  Re: Auburn beats Kentucky in OT

    All these Bama people fawning over Perl's team makes me want to Vomit. Why don't they just castrate the new coach while they are at it. Little hard to recruit players when our own people say you...
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    Re: 2019 Spring Practice Thread

    The update on Lewis is concerning. It could mean nothing if his recovery continues and he's full speed this summer, it could be a Hightower situation where he won't be full speed for another...
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    Re: 2019 Spring Practice Thread

    Tua got caught up in the hype, he was penciled in as the Heisman winner while bombing weak overmatched competition. He never really got any better, never learned how to truly read what was going on...
  22. News Article: Re: Tua and Taulia Tagavaiola - First Practice together

    I don't think either are anything at this point. The question is which of them or if either of them is capable of getting better. Tua didn't have the hype in high school that some others had but...
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    Re: Proposed Rule Changes

    I think the AAF has proven that the kickoff needs to be dumped entirely.
  24. Re: Alabama Players Who Added and Dropped weight for Spring

    I think the notable gains on the offensive line may signal a do or die trying attempt to get our power run game back to where it was. As for Ben Davis time will tell of course but Christian Miller...
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    Re: Whatís your outlook for the 2019 season?

    For the first time in a while nobody outside of the Bama nation is talking about Alabama. Sure we are not seeing the "Saban is washed up" articles just because they don't want to look foolish but...
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