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  1. Re: Miami vs. Florida, ACC vs. SEC - your prediction?

    Sagarin Computer preseason

    PiRate Computer preseason...
  2. Re: SEC Shorts - Arkansas's mom won't let him play football this year

    A lot of truth with a bit of humor thrown in. I love it.
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    Re: Tosu connection to Epstein

    Well I guess they need to pull a Penn State and go erasing Head Coaches names form record books and such as that. Actually I don't see the big deal. As long as they did not have grounds that he was...
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    TideFans ESPN College Pick 'em

    Time for another year of pick 'em fun and stress. This year I am using my stats for #2 and my own intuition for my first pick. Ha. My intuition versus my stats. I think I am probably smarter than...
  5. Re: Kyriq McDonald granted immediate eligibility at Cincinnati

    The earth is rotating in one direction and the atmosphere in another direction.
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    Re: PAC-12 exploring 9am kickoffs

    I know how to save the Pac 12. Invite Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Okie Lite to join the Pac 12 an then …….. no, wait.
  7. UConn to pay AAC 17 million early exit fee.

    According to the report, the conference will withhold $5.1 million from UConn this year, between $5-6 million next summer, and the school will pay roughly $1 million for the next six years to reach...
  8. Re: CBS Blackout on Directv...Hope this is resolved soon

    It is a game the services play with the broadcasters. Both blaming the other for "greed."
  9. News Article: Re: SEC needs to evolve football scheduling amid athletic department budget cuts

    Well. Hmmm. Why do families have to tighten their spending? Think about it. There are numbers of reasons and not just one.
  10. Re: All 14 SEC coaches return for 2019 Media Days. Who woulda thunk it?

    Fisher is safe. The others I am not sure about. Why would S Carolina hire Muschamp in the first place? If I can't figure that out then I certainly can't figure out when they would fire him. So I...
  11. Re: Plain Trouble on "Da Plains" (all AU posts here)

    I hear that the CIC (Commander-In-Cheat) will soon open up.
  12. Re: CFN SEC Preview 2019: Still The Best Conference ... By Far

    CFN stating the obvious and obvious it is if one looks at the data both in recruiting and on field. Too bad there are many who won't look at the data without skewing it.
  13. Re: I hate July! CFB canít get here soon enough

    Off the subject a bit but it is the off season. When I get bored I go to the dollars stores (four in Boaz), the grocery stores (3 in Boaz) and thrift stores and just window shop. I am amazed...
  14. Re: Early lines on a few games of interest

    All the magazines I have seen have Oregon a slight favorite. My stats say the goobers are a slight favorite. I would go with Auburn.
  15. Re: I hate July! CFB canít get here soon enough

    Yes. Going to Piggly Wiggly is a big deal. No kidding. Wal Mart. Piggly Wiggly. Family Dollar. Church. That is about it. But I have always been easy to please and called an "old foggie."
  16. Re: Early lines on a few games of interest

    The SBNation SP+ system has Memphis -3.8 and Cincy -4 but I think I would still take the P5 over the G5 although in the opening games the G5 does play with a chip on their shoulders. This will be a...
  17. Re: I hate July! CFB canít get here soon enough

    Lucky me! I enjoy keeping stats and I have hundreds (500 Plus) of spreadsheets on college football. This can keep me busy week after week. I had rather do football stats as read a book or watch...
  18. Early lines on a few games of interest

    Auburn -2.5 vs Oregon. FSU -4 vs Boise. S Carolina -7 vs N Carolina. Memphis -6 vs Ole Miss. Cincinnati -3.5 vs UCLA.

    I am a little surprised by Ole Miss and UCLA in the underdog role. I...
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    Re: UA BOT OK with UAB moving to AAC

    I don't think so Navy fought hard to be included in the west because the south and southwest is where most of their recruits come from.
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    Re: UA BOT OK with UAB moving to AAC

    AAC has 12 teams: EAST -- Cincy, UConn, E Carolina, Temple, UCF and USF. WEST-- Houston, Memphis, Navy, SMU, Tulane and Tulsa.
  21. Link: Re: LSU Booster Pleads Guilty to Federal Charges, Evidence Shows NCAA Violation

    It seems that every couple of years the NCAA finds someone to throw under the bus, you know, to make a statement of singling someone out for look at us and how we are on top of things and we will not...
  22. Re: How Long Will UGA Faithful Give Kirby...?

    Kirby should be used to the pressure since he led the D for many years. I don't think the pressure will bother him. I suppose the question should be will the pressure of high recruiting get to...
  23. Re: Dabo Hires Tater Tot as a Graduate Assistant

    I have nothing for or against Tater Tot personally. If I had to describe his trek from Samford to Akron it would be "Not Ready For Prime Time."
  24. Re: How Long Will UGA Faithful Give Kirby...?

    Hmmm. Fan is short for fanatic so I suppose next year the fanatics could run him off. But if they will keep in mind how long they have been second fiddle in the East and how long they have been 4-6...
  25. Link: Re: Amid New Calls to Pay Athletes, Alabama AD Has a Few Thoughts

    I wish my son had grown up to be a needy, abused and used college football player. Man, he was so privileged. He had to pay his own way and now has to work for his living. Tsk, tsk.
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