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    Re: Early Odds for Week 7 (2017) Games of Note

    I'd take the pts. on all of the following:
    Tennessee is favored by 2pts over South Carolina
    Miss. St. is favored by 21 over BYU
    Auburn is a 9.5 (!!!) pt favorite AT LSU (Mack's note: Take LSU...
  2. JessN: Re: Texas A&M wrap-up: Win holds some positives, but only if Alabama learns from the

    Just seemed/looked like the team/coordinator was playing not to lose, instead of playing all out to win...!?! Got the same feeling in the FSU game.
    Granted some of this may have been due to...
  3. Re: LOL: Ole Miss officially adopts Landshark mascot

    That's why I posted about it last week! Sounded dumb then and still does!
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    Re: processed - SEC in disarray

    Note: UF although not torching anyone seems to find a way to win! They've done it for two years now under another Saban, (To use your word),'Trainee'...
    They still have a lot of fight in them, UGA...
  5. Link: Re: The SEC needs Mike Leach in it. We need a replacement for Miles.

    But why get rid of 'The Gus Bus' it's running just like we need it to now...!
  6. Link: Ole Miss Announces Uniform Combo For Bama Game!

    Didn't see This Anywhere, but found the 2nd part quite interesting...

    When the Rebels take the field at Bryant-Denny Stadium to try to pull off the huge upset, they’ll do so in their light blue...
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    ADMIN NOTE: Re: Welcome to The Rivalry Room!

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    Re: I'm worried about Tua

    This guy is gonna have a Heart Attack...!
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    Re: I'm worried about Tua

    One thing to remember, FSU 4th Qtr. starting QB goes down, out for the year!
    In steps a true Freshman, no experience FSU now 0-2, rough road ahead...
    Players around the country know this, If Tua is...
  10. Re: The Good, the bad and the ugly- Fresno State style...

    First off as you stated, I haven't seen a team yet that doesn't have problems, some of those have been masked by the opponent's they had...!

    Jalen's passing doesn't worry me as much as it seems to...
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    Re: After Week One--What Is Your Top Ten?

    Other than Bama it's really hard to judge any of these teams, why? Because no-one played anybody!!!

    1.Bama (Only thing that makes me mad is Irma is going to interfere with me seeing the home...
  12. Re: Hurricane and impact on this weekend's football

    Big - Please leave if you can, the track now puts you in the NE Quadrant, It will be at a minimum a Cat 2 coming through the Orlando area!
    If ya can't, as I can't with my 92 yr old Mother, at least...
  13. Re: Hurricane and impact on this weekend's football

    Beginning to think this thing is following me!
    Left Boca for St. Pete and the storm track moved to the west with me...
  14. Re: Hurricane and impact on this weekend's football

    Just heard the UF game was cancelled...
    Reason, more than likely because the storm track moved to the west...
  15. Link: Re: Urban Meyer Driven 'Insane' by Herman, Muschamp Blaming Inherited Players

    I have to say I agree with him, God I hate making that statement!
    BUT at the same time one must admit he was driven NUTS in 2009 by the Crimson Tide...!
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