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  1. Re: Rece Davis: "I'm good with it" (transfer portal)

    It needs refinement. They created Chaos with the present system.
    It should have been for Graduates, not some kid with hurt feelings,
    and not for the guys who left because they would never be a...
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    Re: Lifetime Bama fan...

    Welcome to TideFans.
  3. Re: "The Defense Will Be Weak....Because Of Inexperience" - A Look Back At 1979

    I love the trip back thru time.
    Your Time Machine fills a void in the Off Season...
  4. Re: Is Clemson the most prolofic Propaganda Machine ever?

    The only ones who matter is our team...
    I want our team mad and motivated.
    I hope we face Clemson this season I want our guys playing with a chip on their shoulders. I want Coach Saban mad enough...
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    Re: Lifetime Bama fan...

    Welcome to TideFans.
    Join in and give your opinion. (Within bounds of course... ;) )
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    Re: Who throws for more yards Tua or Jalen?

    I think Jalen will have that honor.
    First... Jalen has worked on his passing game. He is good.
    Second... OK. Does Not have the personnel to pound it out on the ground, we do.
  7. Question: Re: What will it take for Bama to win another NC this year?

    No injuries to key people.
    Coaches all on the same page.
    The press keeping on pushing Clemson as #1. That should have our players playing with a chip on their shoulders.
    AND... Our...
  8. Re: Texas regent still says Nick Saban was coming in 2013

    Was that when Mrs.Terri bought a $10,000,000 house there?
    Matthew McConaughey said thanks...
    The Longhorns were all excited and wanted to believe...
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    Re: 54 days 19 hours 35 minutes

    Like setting on pins and needles.
    Not quite as bad as waiting on a new born.
  10. Re: What was the best team to ever lose an SEC Championship Game?

    2004 Florida lost it. Tebow cried. (I know how he felt)
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    Re: UT streak (joke)

    I hate Tennessee.
    BTW: Years ago not when the 'I Hate Tennessee' video came out
    I saved it on my computer. I play it often.
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    News Article: Re: Josh Chapman Arrested with Second DUI

    Sorry for your loss.
    IMO the state owes you for the loss of your brother.
    Due Diligence demands the state go to great lengths to locate the suspect.
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    News Article: Re: Josh Chapman Arrested with Second DUI

    From the viewpoint of a retired LEO...
    $1000 is too low for a second offense.
    It appears that Josh may have an alcohol problem. Shame.
    My best guess is that Josh may not be with us too much...
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    Link: Re: Bama's contract extension with Nike

    I agree with not mentioning the reason why.
    I also agree with the sentiment.
  15. Re: I hate July! CFB canít get here soon enough

    Mine too, if I can also run by Lowes while I'm out and about.
  16. Link: Re: UA Athletic Department Reported 16 Minor Infractions in 2018

    The listed Basketball Infractions were very petty.
    I agree that the Football Coaches should have known when it was permissible
    to call a Recruit. (Valid Complaint)
    AND... I got to say the Cookie...
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    Alabama: Re: Latest Bama News 7/1/2019 Thru 7/7/2019

    Coach Saban would still be a winner, and we would go to the Sugar Bowl every year.
    We were pretty good AP Champs back then.
  18. Re: Big News Out of Tuscaloosa - Conecuh Sausage Now "The Official Smoked Sausage" of

    Good Grillin Sausage, but it's July...
    I want mine with grilled Onions, Peppers, and Mushrooms.
    Makes a heck of a sandwich.
    Talking about food reminds me...
    July means we are all 'starving' for...
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    Re: Early lines on a few games of interest

    Memphis has got better the last couple of years.
    Ole Sis is getting worse.
    Ole Sis could win, but Memphis would be my pick.
  20. Re: Who are your all-time top five Alabama quarterbacks?

    Joe Namath
    Kenny Stabler
    A.J. McCarron ? IMO.
    Jalen Hurts
    Tua Tagovailoa

    Some might question A. J., but he gets my vote the hard way...
    He earned it.
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    Re: How ILB became a weak link at Alabama

    I agree.
    It's sad when a major strength becomes a questionable position.
    Hopefully the next man up will step up their game...
  22. Re: I hate July! CFB canít get here soon enough

    July is the time when College Football players get bored and
    some of them get in trouble.
    I hate those attention grabbing articles.
    It's bad enough when it happens at other Universities,
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    Re: Bye week moving 2020 and beyond.

    I like the idea of two open weeks. Auburn for sure, and TAMU, LSU or Tennessee.
    No sense giving any of those teams an advantage.
  24. Re: Tua Tagovailoa misses Manning Passing Academy with minor injury

    Yep... I'm a Dinosaur... BUT...
    Three yards and a cloud of dust controls the game.

    Your ahead and you have a monster Defense.

    THING IS...
    We can do both. We have the Backs with another...
  25. Re: ESPN ranks easiest non-conference schedules ... Bama rolls in at #6

    None of the Talking Heads give the other SEC teams credit.
    Problem is that other SEC teams have to play Alabama, Auburn, LSU, TAMU, and Georgia.
    That could easily give a lot of SEC teams 5 losses...
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