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  1. Re: Kyriq McDonald granted immediate eligibility at Cincinnati

    I agree with the overwhelming sentiment on this thread, completely. But does anyone know for sure Kyriq didn't have a "legitimate" waiver situation?
  2. Re: Texas regent still says Nick Saban was coming in 2013

    Do I think Sexton had a conversation with UT similar to that in the story? Yep.

    Do I think CNS wanted to go to UT? Nope.

    Agents doing what agents do.

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    Re: Happy 4th of July!!!

    Happy Birthday, America! And hereís wishing all of you a safe and happy holiday!

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  4. Re: If you could attend any game in the nation in 2019, what game would it be and why

    Either Army/ Navy, Mich/ OSU, or Texas/ OK.
    Havenít made it to any of those yet.

    Walked around Norte Dame campus and stadium in spring of 2013. Itís cool for sure, but I was surprised how...
  5. Question: Re: Will Bama ever return to a physical running game?

    Iíve heard Coach say that the defensive side of the ball is a system, and you donít vary from it, while the offensive side of the ball is based on your playersí strengths and it can / will change...
  6. Thread: Intro

    by ccc2259

    Re: Intro

    Welcome to the board.....there are lots of good folks around here.

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  7. Re: Special Announcement About the Future of UA Athletics Today at 11:45 (Crimson Sta

    My guess is the REAL cost of the original plan far exceeded preliminary cost estimates, and they're de-scoping the project. And even with the de-scoping the actual cost is higher......happens a lot...
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    Re: New Alabama baby

    Congrats! What a blessing!

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  9. Re: Last American Slave Ship Discovered in Alabama

    Here's hoping the discovery generates enough interest to spawn some investment in the area
  10. Re: The Helmet Question in honor of Old Man Dan ???????

    Our Brand is strengthened by Tradition IMO. Leave it as is.

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  11. Question: Re: (Offseason Topic)- Why do we teach our kids "this" about trash talking in sports?

    Like CPB used to say.........if you got class it's gonna show. IMO, that's what we should we teaching our kids. Still relevant today.
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    Re: All 14 SEC Stadiums inside of Talladega

    Thatís crazy to think about. I knew it was big, but not that big.

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  13. Re: Is this the most doubt you've felt headed into a season?

    I have no doubt we'll be in the NC hunt this year. Losing the NC game like we did still stings, but it does nothing but make me even more excited for this year.

    Up to mid- to late-70's, the...
  14. Re: Jonah Williams' unique preparation could make him the NFL draft's top tackle

    Billy Neighbors, Jim Bunch, Chris Samuels, Andre Smith, James Carpenter, Cyrus Kouandjio, Barrett Jones, Cam Robinson, D.J. Fluker, and Jonah.........Bama's been blessed with some talented offensive...
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    Re: Prayer for my wife

    I just saw this as sorry to hear the news, gtown. Prayers lifted up for Patti.
  16. Re: Free Solo 360 | National Geographic ( a 360 degree video)

    One of the coolest things I've seen in a long time. Not for me, but I respect the kid for doing it. It made me think about the level of preparation involved for something like this.........seems...
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    News Article: Re: Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire

    So sad.....such an iconic structure. I toured it back in 2000 and recall it being the highlight of our time in Paris.

    Sorry if I missed it, but I haven't heard if there were any injuries from the...
  18. Re: The Deadliest Snakes Ever Found on the Planet

    I can't help it..........regardless of the species, if there's not a thick aquarium glass between me and any snake I see, instant fear and heebie-jeebies befell me! I find most of them to be...
  19. Thread: New Member

    by ccc2259

    Re: New Member

    Welcome.....a lot of good folks around here.

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    News Article: Re: Clemson adds a marker to their "graveyard"

    They earned the right to do it............but that doesn't make it go down any easier. If I ever take my dog for a walk on their campus, I know where I'll let him mark his territory.
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    JessN: Re: Spring practice: 10 positions, 10 questions

    Well done, Jess. Thanks for the insight.
  22. Re: How & when did you become a college football fan? Who introduced you to cfb?

    In the mid-60's my 2 older brothers introduced me to college football on the TV. We lived on the Mississippi Gulf Coast at the time, so my brothers were Ole Miss and LSU fans. But I was drawn to...
  23. Game Thread:  Re: Go Bama! Send the Gators back to the Swamp with a Loss!

    I think weíre shooting ~35% from the line....pitiful

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  24. Game Thread:  Re: Go Bama! Send the Gators back to the Swamp with a Loss!

    At the game today.....hard one to watch.

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    Re: RIP Coach Jack Rutledge

    Sad news indeed.

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