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    Re: CFP = #5...

    I think it's a lot simpler.

    If we beat Auburn, we're probably in.

    If we lose to Auburn (or anybody else on the schedule), we don't deserve to be in.

    If we beat Auburn and still don't get in,...
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    Re: Social Media

    Neither Mrs. Basket Case nor I have ever had a social media account (unless you count TF as one).

    No Facebook. No Pinterest. No Instagram. No Snapchat. No Twitter. No nothing. Never had...
  3. Re: Arkansas fire Chad Morris to the surprise of no one

    So many things on this one.

    First, I think we all agree that Chad Morris wasn't a great hire to begin with. That said, I don't know what their other realistic options were after Jimmy Sexton...
  4. Re: So, I am about to buy a house... Need help

    Regarding homeowner’s insurance, be sure you have two things:
    1. Coverage for the full replacement value of the house, not just the amount of the mortgage. The lender requires only enough to pay...
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    Re: Moses and McMillon Eligibility

    Hope you’re right, B1G. Because I don’t think a GM will spend something as valuable as a 1st round pick on Moses. There are just too many unknowns.

    He’s immensely talented, but had trouble...
  6. Re: So, I am about to buy a house... Need help

    Jessica --

    Jon has given some excellent advice on the scratch-and-dent appliances. I think there's a place in Birmingham that does that. Even if you have to rent a truck and go to Atlanta to...
  7. Re: I think some of us need to back up and think...

    Acknowledging that we're 8-1 and about 125 FBS teams would love to trade places with us, it has been an incredibly trying season.

    Incredible coaching turnover, some warranted, some not. Lose...
  8. Question: Re: Has our defense been "modernized" as much as our offense?

    It’s a fair question, and one I don’t have the expertise to answer.

    As Jess points out, we have done well enough against even very good teams. But the last couple of times we’ve faced elite...
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    Game Thread:  Re: Official PostGame Thread Bama vs. LSU...

    My hat’s off to LSU.

    We couldn’t stop them. They made fewer mistakes. As much as it pains me to say this, they were the better team.

    We fought hard to the end, but just dug too deep a hole in...
  10. Re: Defensive Personnel Question (Specifically Dime)

    Carter’s coverage skills are a question mark. He knows the D inside and out, so his communication skills are hard to replace in this young lineup. I trust in Saban to know what the right balance...
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    Re: Neon Deion a candidate for FSU head coach. Say what?!

    That has to be disinformation put out as air cover for the real effort. If it’s for real (and I don’t think it is), FSU has slipped farther than anyone could have imagined.

    Trouble is, if it...
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    Re: Best scene in film history......

    Excellent choice.

    When the movie came out, only about half of the people I talked to about it had the remotest clue that Hanks’ character was speaking as much to those of us in the audience, as...
  13. Re: Rioting at Charlottsville Va (UVA) by white nationalists and counter protesters

    I'm no lawyer, but I don't think the Declaration of Independence has any direct link to the Constitution.

    Essentially, the DoI was a letter that said, "Dear British Empire -- We're no longer ruled...
  14. ChrisD: Re: Penn 81, Alabama 80: Perils in the paint show up right from the start

    I hate it that we lost, but have to love the passion. The team cares, and that alone is progress over last year.
  15. Re: Suspended Alabama freshman Antonio Alfano has ‘disappeared a little bit’

    I agree with your statement, cubz. I just think it’s impossible to fulfill the last condition, “ long as he doesn’t hurt anyone but himself.”

    In the context of college football, he can’t...
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    Re: Anyone in the Daytona Area

    Check out the local National Alumni Chapter.

    A lot of chapters, especially out-of-state chapters, have game-watching parties.

    Click on Chapters tab. Choose Florida, and...
  17. Re: Suspended Alabama freshman Antonio Alfano has ‘disappeared a little bit’

    The rub went much farther than that, CB. He quit participating in any part of the program, not just class.

    He claimed it was because he was distraught over his grandmother’s declining health and...
  18. ChrisD: Re: [Basketball] Oats era presents new chance to break old pattern shows SEC Network +. As in online only.
  19. Re: Joe Burrow Claims He Separated His Shoulder Thursday Before Last Year's Game

    Rat poison! I love it.
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    Re: What are you listening to (Music)

    I think it’s Roger McGuinn.

    In any event, Mrs. Basket Case and I saw him in 1995. St. Petersburg Florida in a place called Janus Landing. I wonder if that place still exists.

    The best overall...
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    Re: REPORT: Alabama ‘Making Preparations’ For Donald Trump To Attend LSU Showdown

    This is not good. Security will be a nightmare. In addition to which, getting him into and out of Tuscaloosa will cause all sorts of disruption.

    It was a snafu of monumental proportions at the...
  22. Politics: Re: 2020 Dem POTUS candidate catch all discussion thread

    Gay prejudice certainly exists, but I’m not sure it hurts Buttigieg. Reason is, where it’s a strong factor, no Democrat is going to win regardless of skin color, personal plumbing or who they like...
  23. Politics: Re: 2020 Dem POTUS candidate catch all discussion thread

    If they exist at all, they're ignored by the news media, from CNN and CNBC to Fox.
  24. Politics: Re: 2020 Dem POTUS candidate catch all discussion thread


    Two things just boggle my mind in this election cycle:
    1. The Democrats are responding to a generational opportunity by going Socialist — appealing to voters they get anyway, and...
  25. ChrisD: Re: [Basketball] Oats era presents new chance to break old pattern

    Thanks, Chris.

    My hopes for this season are:
    1. Solid effort all the time.
    2. Not getting gassed in the last 10 minutes of the game — i.e., major college level conditioning.
    3. Win the games...
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