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  1. Re: Dabo - Citadel was the toughest team Bama faced before Georgia

    he remembers almost losing to Texas A&M a year ago right?
  2. Re: Suspended Alabama freshman Antonio Alfano has ‘disappeared a little bit’

    selfish kid wants to spend time with his dying grandmother. glad we are dragging him in this thread, especially if he decides to stay at bama
  3. Re: Another Bama player lost for the year: Labryan Ray this time

    did you pay attention to LSU's defense? or their 1st half nail biter with wait Northwestern state. LSU had a competitive half with a state team that is not a state. Dont see a...
  4. Re: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.... New Mexico State style:

    At Inside LB depth is very concerning however,

    Other than Inside LB depth is pretty good this year. Case in point being Baramore coming in and showing he is ready to play more and jordan battle...
  5. Re: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.... New Mexico State style:

    ugly: blocking at LG and TE....woof.

    bad: questions about scheduling at press conferences

    good: Jeudy is the juggernaut and K robinson is FAST
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    Re: Alabama Linebacker Play Against Duke

    Duke broke out a surprise triple option (sabans bane) and bama held them to 204 yards........the linebackers exceeded all expectations.
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    Re: RB Kyle Edwards Commits To Alabama

    Middling? For a high school senior? I know we got spoiled with Henry and Scarborough and najee, but Id say thats pretty darn solid, he may need 10 to 15 lbs to taje the damage of an SEC season....
  8. Re: Who is the worst headcoach to win a national championship?

    Unless you meant worst person

    Thats urban meyer.
  9. Re: Who is the worst headcoach to win a national championship?

    Its chizik, hands down. Larry coker is a close number 2
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    2020 Prospect: Re: 5* RB & #1 Player Zachary Evans

    Could but we also need numbers at rb. Harris and BRob could both be NFL bound this year.
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    Re: 8/10 Scrimmage Updates

    He will at some point, but i was hoping he would get a red shirt season to bulk up some. Though he will be star player at some point.
  12. Re: DJ Dale and Trey Sanders

    this is incorrect
  13. Re: DJ Dale and Trey Sanders

    This is correct.
  14. Re: DJ Dale and Trey Sanders

    Sounds injury related, we will find out tomorrow.

    He was not seen at practice today.
  15. Re: Alabama's unquestionably the #1 all-time cfb program. Your #2 through #5?

    1. Alabama

    2. Oklahoma
    3. USC
    4. Notre Dame
    5. Ohio State
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    Re: Urban will be a terrible analyst

    He will fake a heart attack if he misses on his pregame predictions.
  17. Question: Re: Fall Camp: Which new players will make an impact?

    every freshman linebacker and defensive Lineman has a chance to. Dale, Sophser, Lee, Alfano, C Harris, Ingrahm, Eboigbe

    with Anoma gone K. Harris may have a very good opportunity to be a role...
  18. Re: Smash mouth?

    Inside Info here: somebody once told me....the world is gonna roll me you ain't the sharpest tool in the shed......
  19. Re: According to the NCAA, Duke is a "Brutal" game...for ND?

    To be fair, shoots and ladders is a brutal game for a Kelly coached ND team.
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    Question: Re: Status of Anoma

    He would have been a major contributor at OLB for us this season.
  21. Question: Re: How do you feel about the Running Backs this year?

    Brian Robinson may be the best running back on the team. And thats not a shot at najee. B rob is criminally undervalued by this fan base
  22. 2020 Prospect: Re: **** 4 Star DT Timothy Smith commits to Alabama ****

    Haha yea I think so.
  23. 2020 Prospect: Re: ****4* ATH Kristian Story Commits to Alabama ****

    Said today they told him either. Usually means he will start at wr and work to DB if he looks better there. Seems,to be sabans MO with athletes.
  24. Link: Re: Just coach speak or is there a real chance Hurts may not be the starter at OU?

    He does have a red shirt available and 4 games to use before its burned.

    I think he wins the job, big 12 defenses will not be able to deal with him as a runner just has to br made official but...
  25. Re: Excellent Stats on 2018 Defensive Weaknesses

    There was a real major issue covering the flat, hook/curl areas by the linebackers all year and any team with decent talent exploited it on 3rd and 4th downs.

    I also think they lacked some...
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