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    Predict the score: KY v Alabama

    Note: Predict the score, not merely pick the winner. ;)
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    A "thank you" for Bama News thread

    Kudos to kyallie for keeping this pinned thread going. Much appreciated.
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    LSU hoops recruiting allegations

    link borrowed from skrayper 77s original post
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    Pres. Emergency Powers - from The Atlantic

    Saw a piece on his on CBS Sunday Morning....Really got my attention. With a Prez with tRump's power-mania and as unhinged as he is....more than a little unsettling. It's a deep read, but very informative. " The moment the president declares a “national emergency”—a decision that is...
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    Advocacy for Postal Service - a guide

    The attack on the USPS is appalling...especially now. Past time to voice concerns to our US Guv Senators and House Reps. Some tools to do it below. LINKS intro... find your reps...
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    Top DHS Officials Serving Illegally, GAO Finds

    This crew of incompetents can't even appoint their own sleazy neo-fascists correctly. Geeeez....Drain the swamp my arse.... EDIT: Saw this topic posted in GOP...
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    What are you listening to (Music) II

    Continuing "What are you listening to..." Start with one of the roots
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    Live stream of past New Orleans Jazzfests

    ..being streamed bt WWNO starting 4/23 .. Thursday. Laissez les bon temps roulez! Schedule link :
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    Ken Burns' "Country Music" series on PBS

    Outstanding stuff, methinks. Especially liked episodes One and Three. One, the beginnings of recorded country, hooked me with info on the Carter family and Jimmie Rodgers. Three, with a deep dive into Hank Williams, kept me glued for the whole episode. Episode Seven resonated especially...
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    Nov 17 games of interest catch-all thread

    Maryland 31 tOSUe 31 for starters . . More health issues for Meyer?
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    Link: Former MTSU def end a potential transfer

    Saw this on Football board, thought it would be of interest here. Brady is from Florence AL. Freshman All American at Mizzou.
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    Tell us about a WW2 European Theater vet you know . . .

    Not to give short shrift to those in the Pacific, or vets of any of our nations' wars . . . The 74th anniv of the Normandy assault seemed a good time for this topic. Family, relative, neighbor, friend of a friend . .. . To start it . . my father: Enlisted in 1939 . . said he saw what was...
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    Soundbreaking series on PBS

    "Soundbreaking" series on PBS An eight part series on the art and science of recording music. Running on Fridays in Alabama. The first episode was good, the second was tremendous. Heads up for music junkies . . .
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    cutting the cord / streaming tv thread

    Since the Sling post on Football forum has drifted to a general dump cable/satellite discussion, thought it might be appropriate here. Plus, i have almost reached my limit with Charter/Bham, so considering some version of streaming via a high speed internet connection. Which method(s0 allow...
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    Dangerous driver rant

    Home less than 10 minutes after a 15 mile drive from Hoover[AL] to McCalla. Overcast day and dusk to dark time of day. 5:30 - 6 pm. I met four oncoming vehicles in this short drive on back roads with no lights. Sorry for how this sounds, but if you are so mentally vacant not to be aware...
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    Link: DaRon Payne story from

    "ATLANTA -- The big man from Alabama rumbled. He moved heaven and earth and the middle of the Clemson offensive line to get into the backfield and nab an interception. His 300-pound frame couldn't be stopped, the way he sidestepped a would-be tackler on his way to a 21-yard return."...
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    Wolverines v Gamococks thread

    Meechigan loses to So Car.....19-26. Ha ha ha ha
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    "Other" bowl games catch-all thread

    Miscellaneous ramblings about second or third tier bowl games: Boca Raton bowl – Fl Atl v Akron. Kiffin v Buster Brown Bowden. Rename it the Insufferable Bowl. Hope for lousy weather and a worse game. An outbreak of diarrhea among the coaching staffs seems appropriate. Texas Bowl – Texas...
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    Alabama v Miss St score prediction thread

    I'll start it with Alabama 34- MissSt 13.
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    Ole Miss players you would take (if NCAA Allows Them to Transfer Without Punishment)

    ... if/when the NCAA hammers them and if the players are free to transfer without having to sit. Benito Jones from the DL . . maybe Coatney, too. Metcalf as a WR. Little from the OL. . . . Others?

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