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  1. MattinBama

    Bad cop; good cop stories; Part II...

    Do whatever you want. No longer care.
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    Maybe don’t go out drinking in Minnesota (MN Supreme Court Ruling) It’s a great day to be a rapist.
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    Georgia Man freed after 40 years due to 4 overturned convictions Yet another life wasted away by our system.
  4. MattinBama

    Yet another case against the death penalty
  5. MattinBama

    Congressional Report Reveals Manufacturers 'Knowingly' Sold Toxin-Tainted Baby Food

    More of the free market doing just fine regulating itself...
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    News Article: Vehicular Bombing in Nashville Explosion was close to an ATT communications hub. Still being investigated.
  7. MattinBama

    Joe Biden is Awful. Just the Absolute Worst Human. The thread.

    Just helping out by creating this thread. I’ll start us off...
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    Climate News & Discussion

    A bit of news from both poles to start it off-
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    News Article: Florida man cleared of rape and murder convictions after 37 years in prison

    Starting to look more & more like a running thread for this type of story is needed too.
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    A Warning From Survivors of Authoritarianism

    Long read but worth it. Started to post this in the election thread but thought it deserved its own thread.
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    News Article: Wrongfully-convicted Black man, freed after 44 years in prison, calls release "breathtaking" Yet another story of an innocent man put away for the majority of his life. Couldn’t decide between bad cops, BLM, or a couple of other threads.Sad that this happens enough that I could almost do a running...
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    News Article: Everything Is Unprecedented. Welcome To Your Hotter Earth Spoiler- We won’t cut greenhouse gases. It is fun seeing a constant barrage of “once a generation”, “once every 500 years” etc headlines over & over recently.
  13. MattinBama

    Man serving life for murder cleared after 37 years thanks to DNA analysis, state attorney says

    Yet another case of an innocent locked away for a crime they didn’t commit.
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    Good cops, Bad cops, whatcha gonna do?

    So many rotten apples I figured we'd need a thread just to discuss them. A K-9 officer that can't control their K-9 shouldn't be in that situation.
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    Expedition shares scary photos from the North Pole
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    News Article: Canada to retaliate 'dollar for dollar' after U.S. slaps 10% tariff on aluminum
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    News Article: Can the Colorado River keep on running? Like a lot of these articles it largely places the onus on individual actions while ignoring the drastic impacts of industry. Individuals can help but in general homes tend to...
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    News Article: Louisiana Supreme Court Won't Review Life Sentence For Man Who Stole Hedge Clippers He got the hammer dropped because he was a repeat offender, but other than the crime in 1979 it was pretty petty stuff.
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    News Article: Colorado Cops ‘Mistake’ Black Family of Five in SUV for One Stolen Motorcycle
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    News Article: Man Paid Millions to be Unemployed Coach Thinks $600 is Too Much