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    Is this the BEST college football team of all time?

    I think they left no doubt after tonight...
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    trump Twitter Account Permanently Suspended

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    Anyone here going to the Arkansas game?

    Wife and I are going without a group for the first time, so I thought I'd see if there might be a TideFans tailgate happening somewhere that we could bum around... :D
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    Link: Derrick Henry Highest Top Speed TD in the NFL Last Weekend

    Slightly OT, but totally awesome. Derrick Henry had another long TD run this past weekend and his top speed of 21.64 MPH was the fastest speed TD of the weekend :eek::eek::eek: Sometimes I'm not sure he's human... Posted on the NFL's Instagram:
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    Kiffin gone for Championship Game - new OC Sark will calls plays

    Just broke on ESPN... Will leave immediately for FAU. Interesting development...
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    Golson, Whitfield, Game Day Gripes

    Anybody else think all the talk of Everett Golson's "comeback" is ridiculous? From what I understand, the guy cheated on his academics, and now he's being painted as some type of hero who has overcome all these obstacles to make his way back to almighty Notre Dame. Give me a break... And George...
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    Question: Where to watch in Cleveland OH?

    I had to come to Cleveland for business and now I'm stuck here for the game. Anybody know where Bama fans go to watch here?
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    So how bad were Spielman and what's-his-face?

    Easily the worst announcing combo I've ever experienced for a prime time game. Uninformed and disjointed most of the time, and outright wrong and idiotic the rest. I think I would have rather listened to Pam Ward than those two bozos...
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    Football is back! (Dallas vs. Miami)

    Just remembered this game was on tonight and turned it on. I'm wondering if Warmack is playing. They also just played an NFL fantasy commercial featuring Trent and Julio! Awesome publicity for Bama.
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    Link: New video of Coach Cochran giving the media a tour of the weight room Gotta love Coach Cochran. You can really tell how much pride he takes in this new weight room. I thought it was cool how he talked about how much he was humbled by the whole thing.
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    Game Thread: GA Tech @ VA Tech

    Anybody watching this?
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    Game Thread: 2012 NFL Draft Thread

    The talk is that the Browns have traded up to #3 to take Trent. Happy Trent is going early, but I wish it could have been to a better team...
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    Link: Lee Corso calls the 2011 Bama D the Greatest Ever in CFB

    Found this on another site and thought it was worth sharing. Love him or hate him, Corso knows his college football and I think this is a huge compliment. He also touches on his stroke a bit. I feel really bad for him on Gameday at times because you can tell he gets frustrated, but at least he...
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    LSU's Will Blackwell's Comments Re: Bama and the NC Game

    What is the deal with this guy? First it was, "we don't feel like Bama deserved to be there." Then it was questioning his own coaches in the media: “Unfortunately I don’t have a say in the game plan or personnel,” Blackwell said. “Jarrett didn’t...
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    Game Thread: Under Armor Game Thread

    It's early, but Cooper already has a nice catch and run, and Ragland is really standing out so far...
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    Link: ESPN Sport Science Video - Trent Richardson

    Always enjoy these Sport Science segments. Nothing ground breaking in this one, but cool to see Trent getting the publicity :BigA:
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    ESPN Game Day BCS Talk

    Lot of love from the guys on Game Day this morning. Corso says Bama "outplayed" LSU. Herbstreit gives Alabama the edge. Desmond says, "I watched the LSU/Bama game, great game, don't want to see it again." Herbstreit quickly jumps in and says that voters should vote whoever they think are the two...
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    LSUFreek on Stanford/Oregon

    Guy never ceases to amaze :rofl:
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    Link: Coach Saban can hardly contain his smile - Good CBS article + video

    Watch the video and you can tell that Coach Saban can barely contain himself after that game. The only other times I've seen him so smiley were after the '09 SECCG and NCG. I think he is really excited about the potential of this team. Also, check out Rainey coming in and interrupting a...
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    Game Thread: Miami vs. Maryland

    Holy crap at Maryland's uniforms :eek::eek::eek: They are apparently trying to out-ugly Oregon and it is working!

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