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    2023 Recruiting Targets

    Could anyone give a synopsis of where we stand with the in-state guys. Pretty awesome crop this year and the in-state guys bring a little something extra to the table.
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    Off season roster moves

    Probably know who you're referencing. When I saw he was available it looked like an absolutely perfect fit for the piece we still need.
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    Off season roster moves

    Guy looks pretty risky. Bounced around several high schools and is decommitting now when he should just be enrolling. Wonder what the story is...looking for a batter NIL deal?
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    Former All American DL Robert Stewart has passed

    He was one of my favorites back then. RIP big guy!
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    Off season roster moves

    The deadline for pulling out of the draft has now passed so we won't be getting any of our guys to fill that last spot. The kid from Boise St may be the answer. Listed as a 6-8 guard kind of reminds me of Herb. Wonder how he is on defense. We need someone that can do the dirty work and we...
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    Will NIL lead to players staying longer in CFB

    Isn't the national player of the year in basketball returning to Kentucky for his sophomore season? Kentucky basketball probably pays more than most schools but this would seem to validate the OP's point.
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    Off season roster moves

    Miles made a lot of progress last year. Hopefully that continues this year and we start getting more quality minutes. Absolutely possible he could grow into a major contributor. CNO seems to have no problem telling players when it's time to move on and he hasn't sent Miles away. Tells me he's...
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    Off season roster moves

    There's not a single guy that's not a candidate to push for major minutes. We'll see how ready some of the new guys are and I'm really interested in seeing how the returnees progress. This season may tell us more about how well we can develop guys rather than turning the roster over every year.
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    Off season roster moves

    We do need someone to do that but also need to see what happens with that last roster spot. I'm assuming JQ won't be contributing until December. It'll be really interesting to see who plays on the Europe trip. I do think we'll have good depth this year. Who are the contenders/probables for...
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    Could the SEC stage its own college football playoff? It's all on the table at spring meetings.

    I'd say everyone needs to take a few minutes and read through that article. There's a lot in there to be potentially excited about or be very anxious about. What I don't understand is where all the greed in college football comes from, or why we need it. I just hope that bruised egos and/or...
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    Coach Saban goes off on programs buying players (A&M, Jackson State, and Miami mentioned)

    Actually, this whole situation is progressing pretty well. Saban has apologized and the commissioner has done his duty with the reprimands. We should actually thank Jimbo for turning that into multiple public reprimands. If it wasn't two coaches getting spanked it might have been worse for...
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    Coach Saban goes off on programs buying players (A&M, Jackson State, and Miami mentioned)

    What Coach Saban said needed to be said, loudly, so everyone can hear. However, it does seem like with the specific allegations he's opened himself up to criticism, or much worse. I could see: 1. Saban gets fired 2. Saban and/or the university is forced to issue a public apology 3. Saban...
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    Coach Saban goes off on programs buying players (A&M, Jackson State, and Miami mentioned)

    This issue just got a great big dose of 'sense of urgency'. Boosters buying players is no longer a well-guarded secret. I really don't understand why this is so hard to police. Fairly easy to see who is using NIL as a recruiting tool and that boosters are involved. Isn't that still a major...
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    Agiye Hall gone

    Pitt needs a new WR.
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    Offseason Thread: When Saban Retires -- Who?

    I've felt for some time that O'brien is first in line. Aranda is interesting. Dabo accomplished a lot with far lesser recruits than Bama normally gets. However, I'd want to see how he navigates the next couple years. Supposedly Kiffin can recruit but their HS class wasn't very good and had to...
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    Jerry Jeudy Arrested In Colorado (update: all charges dismissed)

    This seems like mostly much ado about nothing, except, there is never a good reason to involve children in your domestic issues. Hopefully, that night in jail will deliver that message. Hope they get some privacy to work through their issues even if that means they need to go their separate ways.
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    Reports: Bama/Texas To Be an 11:00AM Kickoff

    If it's hotter than one of the Vanderbilt games I attended in Nashville about 20 years ago I guess that everyone will just expire right there in the stadium. I remember the first game in the new East upper deck in T-town against BYU. If that hadn't been a night game there would've probably...
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    Reports: Bama/Texas To Be an 11:00AM Kickoff

    This is really pretty simple. The 11:00 AM start for Fox keeps their games from directly competing with the marquee games in the SEC/B1G, or even a solid ACC matchup. About 90% of the time that would make perfect sense but seems they would make an exception since they have that day's national...
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    News Article: Task Force To Big-Money Boosters: NIL Sanctions Could Be Coming

    I've been worried about this. They aren't new rules...they were there long before Logan Young and TennStud. Boosters have never been allowed to provide financial incentives for players to attend a certain school. The way I understand the rules just about any top program right now could be...

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