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    1987 team

    This year's team aside, the 1987 team is arguably the best team in Alabama history. I have to admit when I heard we were playing Iona and they were coached by Pitino ( I had no clue that is where he was) I had flashbacks of that sweet 16 game against his Providence team. They could not miss a...
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    Does D hold up against top QBs The key take away I got from this article is that Bennett, who got benched at UGA, is a better QB than Nix. That list includes Georgia’s Stetson Bennett (74th), Tennessee’s Jarrett...
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    Viewing OM game in Franklin (Nashville) this weekend

    Had to sell my tickets because I'm going to be in Franklin on Saturday. Does anybody know if the local Nashville chapter has a viewing party for the games or know of a good place to watch in the Franklin area? Thanks
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    OJ Howard Shout Out

    An unsung contributor last night was OJ Howard. For whatever reason he has not been targeted very much and has had a few drops this season. He was huge last night. Targeted three times, making all three critical catches. Awesome job OJ!
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    4th quarter TOP

    I noticed this the last 4 weeks or so, so I decided to see how we have done on the year. Our avg. TOP in the 4th quarter this year is 10:04. Only one game we did not "win" TOP in the 4th (ULM). This team has finished strong and converted first downs in the 4th quarter to run out the clock. They...
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    P. Sims comments about AJ

    pretty nice
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    Remember 1999

    After losing to La Tech, we truned around and beat Ark the next week at home before going to FL and taking care of the gators en route to the SEC Championship. Not saying that is what Ark will do, I do not believe they will, but we must be prepared and focused and not discount this team just b/c...
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    Tickets have arrived

    signed for them yesterday. didn't see another post, and didn't think I'd be the first to post this. RTR
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    Link: Philip Sims update

    Best of luck to you!
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    ESPN's influence in the BCS Championship matchup

    For a while many people believed ESPN had too much influence in college sports, particularly college football. I am not saying they do or do not, I just thought of a something in the event this is true. ESPN is televising the Championship game. From a ratings standpoint, I would think they...
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    stadium chair back rentals

    does anyone remember how much the rentals are per game?
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    BAMA and the NFL draft

    Wasn't it just a few years ago we did not have a single player drafted? Now we have probably 3, maybe more, juniors leaving early. I hate to see guys leave early (from a selfish standpoint) but it speaks of the talent on the team AND the success they have had. I am thrilled for them and wish...
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    Nico Johnson

    Am I the only one puzzled that Nico is not starting. I understand we are loaded at that position, but he did not get beat out by a freshman. All of these guys were on the team last year. He started 10 games last year and now he is not the best of the group. I am not questioning the move just a...
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    Q & A with Jerrell Harris

    harris from
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    The SEC 'Houston Nutt Rule' Signing Cap of 28

    Isn't the limit 28 this year? What is the penalty for violating the 28? I was on rivals and noticed that other school has 29. I know it really doesn't mean anything until names are put on paper, it just stuck me as odd and I couldn't remember what the limit was.
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    All SEC (coaches) No Ben Tate?

    all sec how can this be? I thought tate was the best back in the state and he didn't even make second team?
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    Why did BAMA not recruit Michael Oher?

    I did a search and could not find anything on this. It seems everybody was after this kid, why not us? I know we were going after Andre but that was a year later, if I am not mistaken.
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    who is the woman reporter at the press conf

    I often hear a woman asking questions at the press conf. I assume she is a beat writer b/c she is always there. I have not seen any articles from a woman on or tidesports. Anybody know who she is and who she writes for? Just courious.
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    The Sophomores: Roster Analysis

    Didn't see this posted. It is an indepth analysis on each of the sophmores. I think it has been a LONG time since we have had this kind of depth. We have second and third teamers who could start for most other teams. Not...
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    Barrett Jones

    Barrett Jones? Any word on how Barrett Jones is doing or where he is fitting in to the OL? I have not seen much on him in any articles, and also did a search on this site and did not anything of real substance recently. I thought he was going to be in the mix at center this spring. I am gussing...

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