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    Arch Manning, Texas, and NILs

    It's all about Sark and how he will develop Arch for the next level. Nothing else.

    Question: 2 guys from London, UK are attending the Crimson Tide Football game. What's the best way to get to the game from Birmingham

    This is another Brit who fell in love with the Tide but I am now based in Orangeland aka Tennessee. Actually, I've lived here longer than I lived in the U.K. (see avatar) I've followed Alabama since 1980 and Man City since I was six (a few decades ago) I obviously like to follow winning teams...

    No Profanity — How many times do we go over this?

    Just thank you TF. This is what first attracted me to the site and what has kept me here for so many years. BTW I'm no shrinking violet, but continuous F-bombs, etc. become boring and absolutely lose their impact.

    Bama Connection to Man City's New Super Star

    Guido that is the shirt worn for the recent Norwegian national games in the Nations League. Search for Norwegian National Football Shirts. Fanatics is a good football site

    Bama Connection to Man City's New Super Star

    Erling Haaland, Norwegian center forward transfer from Dortmund for 51 million euros (a total bargain) to Manchester City loves that Bama too!!! This 21 year old scores goals for fun and hopefully will continue this coming season in the EPL so City can win their 5th EPL title in 6 seasons.


    Manchester City have historically never taken the easy path to achieve silverware. This was again demonstrated last Sunday when all they had to do was to beat Aston Villa (Birmingham, England) at home to win the English Premier League. That did not sound too hard. So now Typical City comes...

    Reports: Bama/Texas To Be an 11:00AM Kickoff

    I don't think it's a matter of the heat or humidity. I think it is indicative of just how far Texas football has fallen. Normally Alabama play 11:00 a.m. kickoffs for lower level FCS opponents and I think that is the case here.

    What is your Top 5 Post Spring Bold Predictions?

    From RollTide_HTTR : "Most of my predictions were things I don't expect to happen so I may have to add a 6th prediction that keeps with that theme....USA beats England in the group round." USA beat England way back when which was a shock to the nation. This England team is very good and if...

    Jahlil Hurley Possible Flip to Auburn

    If his reason for flipping to Auburn is NIL money he is being short-sighted. By his anticipated actions he is saying three shots at a National Championship is not important to him. That's okay if he is happy with that. He appears to be an amazing athlete and it is a shame he would rather be...

    Eli Ricks Arrested-Charge Dismissed by Court

    Ever heard the expression, "Young and stupid." I think Mr. Ricks falls into this category. I suspect he should be less worried about the judicial system than having to face Coach. Best of luck young man but don't let history repeat itself.

    What is your Top 5 Post Spring Bold Predictions?

    Maybe a little different than most but here tis: 1. Manchester City win Premier League and Champions League. 2. Alabama wins NC 3. BY gets his second Heisman with Will Anderson 2nd. 4. BY #1 in draft with Will Anderson #2 5. England win the World Cup in Qatar vs. Argentina. If you have any...

    5* DL Lebbeus Overton Announcing in April

    Unless there is definitive proof by TA&M, I'll hold my opinion on them. Of course, there is oil money behind them and I'm sure they can come up with some advertising stuff to procure players' NIL contracts.

    CFB memes, tweets, images, jokes, etc.

    I think this time England will win -- just way too much talent for the U.S. to overcome.

    Henry Ruggs III involved in serious car accident (Update: To be charged with DUI resulting in death)

    Here is a young man who has been paid millions of dollars and had a great future playing football. Unfortunately, he was just not mature enough to handle it all and purchased a flashy sports car, drank to excess, and the combination was lethal. I believe his lack of judgment will be costly...

    Game Thread: Super Bowl LVI: Cincinnati Bengals vs LA Rams (630 EST Kickoff)

    Rams - no real reason except Bengals beat my Titans

    Question: How Many Places Remaining To Be Filled Feb 2/Portal?

    I admit I don't keep up with recruiting on a daily basis, so I'm hoping fellow Tidefans can tell me how many places there are left to fill either through Signing Day on February 2 or through the portal.

    Random Musings - Title Game and Moving Forward

    Loved your post which lacked any whiny moments thankfully. I could be churlish and say we'll let Georgia have a natty every 40 years, but they deserved the win last night. Simple as that. Every team has injuries and at Alabama it has always been next man up. Unfortunately, that didn't work...

    Najee breaks Steelers rookie rushing record!

    Clearly Najee is a complete back and will have a very successful career in the NFL. Remember, Derek Henry didn't exactly light it up when he first went to the Titans and look at him now. He's even superman recovering from foot surgery and is back in training.

    Bayou and CFP championship game Haikus...

    Not into Haikus so Limerick it is There is a coach named Smart Who thinks winning is a lark Until he sees Nick Saban And then he totally falls apart

    LSU CB Eli Ricks is entering the transfer portal (xfers to Bama)

    A simple question. Can Eli Ricks play immediately, i.e. the playoffs or does he have to wait until next season?

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