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  1. OSUTideFan

    Rose Bowl - Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Utah Yutes (5pm ET ESPN)

    This game will be entertaining. Utah has no players opting out; their six draft-declared star players are eager to participate in this game. On the other hand, Ohio State is without the star wide receivers that formed the identity of the offense all season. Lots of starters in all position...
  2. OSUTideFan

    Game Thread: Orange Bowl: Michigan vs. UGA - CFP Semifinal (ESPN 6:30CT)

    Today we find out which team is more overrated: Georgia or Michigan Come for the hype, stay for the blank stare of the losing coach at the postgame press conference!
  3. OSUTideFan

    Tell me about Gonzaga

    I don’t know anything about basketball. I see Gonzaga is going into the postseason undefeated with a record of something like 24-0, far and away the best win record in the sport this year. My question is, do they play an easy cupcake schedule to get to this point, or are they really...
  4. OSUTideFan

    2021 coaching carousel

    Made a new coaching carousel thread because it’s 2021 now. We can rest easy now that it looks like Washington’s Kwiatkowski is joining Sark as DC at Texas. According to sources, of course...
  5. OSUTideFan

    Night mode/dark mode option?

    Is there a night mode option available for the forum?
  6. OSUTideFan

    Most memorable games of the 2020 season

    As the 2020 season ends, let’s look back and nominate some of the most memorable games that were played. I have a few to start with: 1) LSU-Florida 2) BYU-Coastal 3) Oregon-Oregon State 4) UNC-Miami Which games were most memorable for you?
  7. OSUTideFan

    Saturday 1/2/21 bowl games we don’t care about

    EDIT: Thread title originally phrased by DzynKingRTR in earlier inconsequential game threads and is licensed under TideFans Creative Commons (CC) license. Some snoozers being played today. Who do you got? me: UK/NCState - who cares, let the ACC team lose Indiana/Ole Miss - don’t care. Would...
  8. OSUTideFan

    Game Thread: #2 Clemson vs #11 Ohio State CFP semifinal (8p ET ESPN)

    Dabo and Day meet once more on the field of football. It’s going to be a long evening. Network: ESPN Time: 7PM CT Kickoff: ~7:21PM CT Line: CLEMP -7 Corso’s Pick: Clemson Tigers
  9. OSUTideFan

    CFP semifinal officiating crews

    I’m hearing that the CFP semifinal officiating crews are going to be the following: 1. BigTen refs for Bama-Notre Dame 2. Big XII refs for Ohio State-Clemson Any thoughts on how this might influence the outcomes?
  10. OSUTideFan

    Game Thread: PAC-12 CG Oregon at USC Friday 7pm CST game thread

    The PAC-12 Championship Game is on. The “never was” vs the “has-been”, Oregon Ducks at USC Trojan Men. the stoppable force meets the moveable object At stake: the prestigious PAC-12 championship participation trophy. Odds: USC -3.0 Only on Fox! Kickoff is set for 7pm central time.
  11. OSUTideFan

    7-3 (#17) UNC at 8-1 (#10) Miami on ABC

    Anyone watching? The Tar Heels are up 21-3 in the first quarter in a game Miami was favored to win.
  12. OSUTideFan

    OSU-Michigan game cancelled

    UPDATE: Big Ten has changed its rules to allow OSU to play in the B10CCG
  13. OSUTideFan

    Authentic Indiana-style Burrito

    Trying to bring some life into this forum and to show you Southern folks how we do it up here in the frozen north. To start, a special Here’s my secret recipe for a genuine Indiana style burrito. When anyone tries it, they invariably ask to be excused because of how awesome it is. Ingredients...
  14. OSUTideFan

    Game Thread: Ohio State at Michigan State 12pm EST on ABC

    Game started just now OSU down numerous starters and playing at Spartan Stadium Who will prevail?
  15. OSUTideFan

    Game Thread: LSU at Texas A&M game thread

    Will the Aggies shut down LSU’s 1-game winning streak? 1Q 11:26 LSU 0 TAMU 0 Game on!
  16. OSUTideFan

    12pm - ABC - 0-5 Penn State at 2-3 Michigan

    The nits are playing the Michigan Wolverines right now in Ann Arbor Odds are actually tied for both teams, Nits just scored on a rather leisurely drive. not really cheering for either team but out of respect for the rivalry, and because I want Harbaugh to stay as Michigan’s HC, I want Big Blue...
  17. OSUTideFan

    Best quarterbacks playing 2021

    Who are some of the best, most promising quarterbacks to watch going into next year’s season? I’m going to assume that Jones, Sunshine, Fields and Trask wouldn’t be returning next year; who would the next best quarterbacks be? The ones that really stand out to me right now are Taulia Tagovailoa...
  18. OSUTideFan

    How Kentucky Beats Alabama

    Yes that is an actual article title. The article is full of nonsensical platitudes like “Run the ball”, “protect the ball”, “throw the ball”, “catch the ball” and “stop the ball”. The comments are funny though
  19. OSUTideFan

    (Resolved) Too many stickies in football forum

    Can the sticky threads in the football forum get cleaned up? There are too many of them right now. edit, looks like problem is resolved
  20. OSUTideFan

    XFL files for bankruptcy It’s official. the XFL has failed. Again.

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