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  1. gtowntide

    Todd McShay's appearance...

    Did anyone notice that he looked and acted a little off today? He looked kind of sick, I hope he’s well.
  2. gtowntide

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the Tidefans moms out there. Also to my wife Patti and my daughter, two of the best moms around!
  3. gtowntide

    Please Pray for John Prine

    John Prine is in critical condition with the corona virus. If you’re not familiar, he is a musician,poet and singer in a Nashville hospital. Please pray for him.
  4. gtowntide

    **** 2019 4* DT Byron Young SIGNS with Bama ****

    BOL is reporting a midnight commitment to Bama. He is one of the big DT's out of Mississippi. RTR!
  5. gtowntide

    Merry Christmas Non sportzers!

    There's a thread on the football board but I thought we needed one over here! Merry Christmas to all my TideFan friends and I hope the new year will be good to us all!
  6. gtowntide

    4* WR Seth Williams commits to Auburn

    I saw on BOL that Seth committed today. Were we still on him? I hate to lose a local player, but in Saban I trust. Mods-I looked for a thread on him but didn't see one.
  7. gtowntide

    The Freebird went down 39 years ago.

    Yesterday was the 39th anniversary of the plane crash of Lynyrd Skynyrd. I had bought the Street Survivors album two days before it went down. It's hard to believe it has been that long. RIP Ronnie Van Zandt, Steve Gains, Cassie Gains and all the others who passed after that crash. It was one...
  8. gtowntide

    ***** 2017 WR Jerry Jeudy Commits *****(arrived 1/10)

    According to BOL Jerry Judy will announce his commitment Thursday night at 7:30 PM. RTR! Profile
  9. gtowntide

    Tubby Smith hired at Memphis

    Local media is announcing that Memphis has hired Tubby Smith to replace Josh Pastner. I guess the barn will keep their coach after all.
  10. gtowntide

    Army vs. Navy who you got?

    I haven't seen a thread on this game so I'll say go Navy! I served from 1968-1972. I respect these young men on both sides!
  11. gtowntide

    Congrats to B1GTide

    I just wanted to say congratulations to B1GTide on the buckeyes win. I've always enjoyed your posts and your takes are always balanced. I know you have the Bama connection too but enjoy your win and maybe we can meet in the future again! Roll Tide and congrats to the Bucks!
  12. gtowntide

    Bama History (Bryant rebuilding the program)

    I remember another coach at Alabama had a great run starting in 1961 and won conference and national titles in the few years to follow. Of course I'm talking about Coach Bryant. Then toward the end of the 60's decade we had two back to back 6 and 5 seasons. People started moaning that the game...
  13. gtowntide

    Gameface On

    OK, here we go with less than a week until the 2014 Alabama Crimson Tide takes the field. Camp is over and it's time to get serious. Gameface on! Roll Tide!
  14. gtowntide

    SEC-TV Question

    I got an email from the SEC asking me to lobby for my cable provider to carry the SEC network. I have Comcast and for now they aren't listed as a carrier. The only cable in my area that is signed up is AT&T. I obviously want to have coverage, but would like to stay with Comcast.Has anyone had...
  15. gtowntide

    Army vs. Navy Who you Got?

    I've got to go with Navy tomorrow. I served from 1968 to 1972. All these young men on both sides are to be commended for serving our country. There are really no losers in this game, they are all winners! Go Navy and Roll Tide!
  16. gtowntide

    Thank you Kyallie

    I wanted to thank Kyallie for the Bama news postings she does daily. It's nice to go to one source and get all pertinent links about the Tide. I'm sure it takes a lot of time to link all these articles and I really appreciate it. Roll Tide!
  17. gtowntide

    It is week one, Gameface is on!

    I'll leave mine on through the national title game! Roll Tide 2013!
  18. gtowntide

    Coach Saban Thank You.

    With all the remarks being bantered about coach being the devil, I wanted to thank coach Saban for the way he represents this university. I would be proud for my son to play for him. He builds men for football and life after football. Don't let them get to you coach, they won't out work you or...
  19. gtowntide

    Thank you Coach Saban

    Thank you for all the coaches and support staff for another great class. No one out works Coach Saban and I'm so glad we have him, thank you coach and Roll Tide!
  20. gtowntide

    Lou Holtz at half time of Military Bowl

    Did ya'll see Dr. Lou doing a little back peddling on the BCSNC? He said if he was Alabama he would be upset at all the good press ND is getting before the game. I find this odd since he is one of the biggest mouth pieces for the Domers.:conf3: Could it be that Lou is getting scared as we get a...

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