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  1. B1GTide

    Arch Manning, Texas, and NILs

    Same. Alabama will still be Alabama without him, and we have no idea how good he really is. IMO, the only bad thing about losing him to TX is the boost that this will give Sark in this recruiting cycle. A lot of kids will want to play with Manning at QB. Name recognition is a powerful thing.
  2. B1GTide

    Could the SEC stage its own college football playoff? It's all on the table at spring meetings.

    As long as it doesn't keep the SEC out of the CFP
  3. B1GTide

    Where Does Bobby Cox Rank Among Managers All-Time?

    For me, Cox was only an above average manager - no where near my top 20. He did less with more that any manager in my lifetime, IMO
  4. B1GTide

    Game Thread: Braves vs Padres

    When the Braves blow a game, they really blow.
  5. B1GTide

    I am finally thinking of buying a house

    My oldest son closing on his first home next week. Really took his time picking a place - over a year - but is getting a great place on nearly 20 acres in rural Ohio. We are very excited for him.
  6. B1GTide

    Dabo’s brother arrested for child sexual exploitation

    Lived across the street from one for years and had no idea. No way to fix this. And, sadly, no way to fix the kids.
  7. B1GTide

    2022 NFL Draft

    Auburn would not have scored enough, but agree about aTm.
  8. B1GTide

    2022 NFL Draft

    Ole Miss and Arkansas would have had a chance. The SECW was brutal last year.
  9. B1GTide

    2022 NFL Draft

    Sorry, I meant that their players are all drafted. They are done with this year's draft
  10. B1GTide

    2022 NFL Draft

    GA and Cincy are done. All of their players who were possible draft choices have been selected.
  11. B1GTide

    2022 NFL Draft

    They are going to be a very average team next year. They lost a lot of coaches, not just players.
  12. B1GTide

    2022 NFL Draft

    Probably, but this draft is a reflection of that coaching staff plus a senior laden team. These kids getting drafted were not highly rated out of HS. They were coached up.
  13. B1GTide

    BREAKING Trevor Bauer suspended for two seasons by MLB

    Bauer is human garbage. He beats women for sexual satisfaction. It really doesn't get much more disgusting.
  14. B1GTide

    NCAA Portal Talk

    I can't see Alabama signing another WR unless they have lost faith in every single guy in that room.
  15. B1GTide

    2022 NFL Draft

    Watch the NFL Network. By far a better show for the Draft.
  16. B1GTide

    2022 NFL Draft

    Too small to play LB in the NFL, and too big/slow to play safety.
  17. B1GTide

    2022 NFL Draft

    He got about the same draft grade as Mathis and Metchie - only slightly better. They are both gone. But I am not sure that he would have improved his draft stock by staying another season.
  18. B1GTide

    2022 NFL Draft

    He was projected by almost everyone to go in round 2.
  19. B1GTide

    Game Thread: Braves @ Rangers

  20. B1GTide

    2022 NFL Draft

    LOL - too true.

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