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    Ticket Face Value for Mercer game?

    Does anyone know the face value of the Mercer tickets? I can't figure it out from the app. Is there a way to see it on the app?
  2. J

    Linda Bensel-Meyers book.

    With all this talk about the NCAA mandating graduation rates, I was reminded of the rampant academic fraud at UT as noted by Linda Bensel-Meyers. When is this book of hers coming out? It was supposed to hit the stands last fall, after previously being postponed. Has she taken the hush...
  3. J

    Frank Beamer knew AU should not be #1....

    He made that pretty clear after the Sugar Bowl when he said Va Tech's mistakes and generally not playing well cost them the game. And he's right. Va Tech did have an off night, but still almost pulled it off. He also said he was a company man and the NC would come out of the Orange Bowl. But...
  4. J

    Stoops: A good coach, or just a great recruiter?

    Stoops: A great coach, or just a great recruiter? I've heard all the talk about USC being world beaters, and the new dynasty. And they may be. But in my opinion, given 3 weeks to prepare, Carroll simply out-prepared an unprepared Stoops team and had his team ready to play. Talent on both...
  5. J

    Linemen were soft today......

    Is that an understatement or what? I thought we were stronger than that. The defense giving up a lot of yards, I can understand somewhat because our offense was 3 and out all day, not to mention the obligatory TD our offense pitched to the defense like we seem to do in practlically every...
  6. J

    Tony Bell to visit?

    I heard a rumor today that the staff may have worked in a visit for Tony Bell. Supposedly he's dropping one of his last two visits. I'm speechless about how hard the staff is working to get outstnding players in for a visit.
  7. J

    Miller and Walker longshots?

    One would think so. It's hard to get a read. Walker had Bama on his list early. Not sure who was the major influence was at that time. Now we're back on his radar. But it's in a mid-week visit, which will hardly pack the same punch that a weekend with a home b'ball game against AU. I...
  8. J

    Running Back flying in?

    There's supposed to be a running back flying in for a visit. I'm assuming this weekend. Who is he?
  9. J

    It's what happened right after the Yeager letter came......

    that I find extremely interesting. Marcus Carter, who was being recruited heavily by AU's Phillip Lolley, commits later the same day. Why then? Next day out of nowhere, Demonte Bolden, a highly coveted UT commit who hasn't said a word since proclaiming in December "I'm done" and cancelled his...

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