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  1. Go Bama

    Happy Father's Day

    I didn't even realize it was Father's Day until my daughter, Mia, wished me a happy Father's Day. She gave the the picture below in a really cute frame. It was taken in the souvenier shop at Bear Country in Rapid City, SD about three weeks ago. I'm very proud of both of my daughters. They are...
  2. Go Bama

    HCR: Letters from an American III

    On April 12, 1945, a visibly exhausted President Franklin Delano Roosevelt jerked in his chair while having his portrait painted in Warm Springs, Georgia. FDR put his hand up, said “I have a terrific pain in the back of my head,” and lost consciousness. He died of a massive cerebral hemorrhage...
  3. Go Bama

    Impression of CNS Congratulating Brian Kelly

    SIAP .... This struck me as funny.
  4. Go Bama

    Hooker Probable Starter Against Bama

    Didn't see anywhere else to put this.
  5. Go Bama

    Gruden out as coach of Raiders

    Wow! I didn't see this coming. Heard about it on MNF. Assuming it will wind up in NS anyway.
  6. Go Bama

    Heather Cox Richardson - Letters From an American II

    May 23, 2021 (Monday) On Sunday, President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus forced a commercial airliner, operated by Ryanair, flying from Athens, Greece, to Vilnius, Lithuania, out of the sky as it passed through the airspace over Belarus. A MiG-29 fighter jet diverted the plane to Minsk, the...
  7. Go Bama

    Driver Rams Into Officers at Capitol

  8. Go Bama

    My daughter has an ovarian tumor

    I realize this is the wrong forum, but most of the people I hold dear on TF are here in NS, and those are the folks I want to reach. If the thread needs to be moved, I'm fine with that. My 13 yo daughter, Mia, has been having abdominal issues for a couple of weeks. She felt like she couldn't...
  9. Go Bama

    Supreme Court will consider restoring the Boston Marathon bomber’s death sentence

    I'm not normally for capital punishment. In this case, take him out and shoot him today.
  10. Go Bama

    N95 Masks I've Been Using Are Not CDC Approved

    I wasn't sure where to put this so I just started a new thread. I don't expect the thread to go very far, but it may be important to some here. I received this disturbing email yesterday. I didn't read it until this morning. The masks were purchased through Brasseler USA. We received two more...
  11. Go Bama

    Fox Settles Lawsuit Over Lies
  12. Go Bama

    Information on the Vaccine Aftereffects...

    I received my first vaccination shot today so I am going to share my experience. My staff and I had appointments at 2:30 today at the local hospital. We arrived at 2:00 and were directed to where to go. There is information that must be gathered so a nurse asks each individual questions —...
  13. Go Bama

    Scientific Aspects of Covid v.2

    The quote above is from @TIDE-HSV in the previous Scientivic Aspects of Covid thread. The question raised in my mind after reading the linked article was does the virus die in a mask? It seems this would be yet another reason for wearing a mask. I've read earlier that the virus doesn't survive...
  14. Go Bama

    Navalny Finds Out How He Was Poisoned I bet Russian stores are sold out of boxers now.
  15. Go Bama

    End Taxpayer Giveaway to Big Oil and Gas

    This is an OpEd in the NYT by Senator Tom Udall (D-NM) and Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA)
  16. Go Bama

    Pope Voices Support for Same Sex Civil Union

    I'm shocked.
  17. Go Bama

    Pentagon Used Money Meant For PPE for Engines and Armour
  18. Go Bama

    Disloyal ... Michael Cohen's Tell All Book

    Yesterday and today I've been reading Disloyal. Most of it talks about events with which I was already familiar, but Cohen goes into extra detail. One of the more interesting passages is from chapter 11 "Trump for President (Part II)." Is anyone else reading this book? I'm finding it pretty...
  19. Go Bama

    The US Military Is A Socialist Organization

    I've been trying to think of socialist programs which are popular in this country so I could point to these programs when the Trumpers start yapping about the Democrats being Socialists. Medicare and Social Security come immediately to mind. I've also mentioned National Parks, which are almost...
  20. Go Bama

    Black Holes Collide

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