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  1. BamaMoon

    2022 NFL Draft

    Doesn't look like I have the NFL Network now, so I'll be watching Twitter for updates. I honestly haven't been looking at any mock drafts so I don't know much about where our Bama guys may be going OR in what place. Assuming Neal or JW is our top guy, but after that IDK. Tell me what you think...
  2. BamaMoon

    Bama Game Thread: Auburn @ Bama Tonight at 8:00 CST (ESPN)

    We need to bring it tonight. Auburn is the best team in the league right now. We'll need our guards to light up the scoreboard and our bigs to play a great game on the interior. RTR!
  3. BamaMoon

    Let's Talk About the Elephant in the Room: OC Play Calling and Receiver Development

    BOB taking an NFL job may render this discussion pointless, but if that happens some of this is still applicable. Since the D did their job last night, let's talk about the biggest mystery of 2022 looking forward: Playcalling and Wide Outs. First, we know we had elite guys under...
  4. BamaMoon

    All American Game

    Bond takes opening kickoff.
  5. BamaMoon

    How Bama Will Attack Georgia Differently From Cincy

    I was out of town last weekend and not on the board much so this may have been discussed after the Cincy game, but I haven't seen it. It seems we won the Cincy game just like CNS designed it. Very vanilla offensive game plan that featured a ground and pound running attack which overpowered...
  6. BamaMoon

    Doubling Down on BY's Passing With Depth Issues at Running Back

    A few days ago I made a comment in a thread regarding this, but after thinking about it more I thought it might be a good discussion in a separate thread. We are keenly aware of our depth issues at running back. However, before they really developed we've been very inconsistent at developing a...
  7. BamaMoon

    As the Season Starts What Bama Player Are you Most Excited About???

    Newcomer: JD Davison - some are already saying he's a one and done! I'm probably more excited about him as a new recruit than any recent player I can remember! I think we'll see him and JQ on the floor a lot together and it should be good for both of their games! Returning: Starter: tie between...
  8. BamaMoon

    What did UF DO in Their Rush Game We Didn't Know or Couldn't Adjust to??

    I know it's been discussed in the post-game discussion. But I'm wondering what UF did to rush the ball so well (8 yards a carry?) and why couldn't we adjust? Didn't we know what they'd be doing with the RPO??? UF's QB's made us defend the "pass" but I'm not sure why they bothered with running...
  9. BamaMoon

    Let's talk Bama Running Backs (Game 1 Reflections)

    I was thoroughly impressed with BY - even more than I expected. However, if I'm being honest, I was expecting a little more "bang" out of our running backs. A couple of times I thought they looked a little slow or hesitant to hit the hole. Not trying to be picky or critical...just some initial...
  10. BamaMoon

    JessN's Bama and SEC Predictions

    Am I the only one searching the board for the game-week Bama/SEC predictions post from JessN? Is it really game week without them??? In this past, I normally thought these were posted on Wednesdays prior to Saturday.
  11. BamaMoon

    Plan Your Week, Pick Your Games and Upsets Accordingly Just a few games of interest: Thursday night: Bowling Green @ UTK - 8:00 p.m. EST (SECN) Ohio State @ Minnesota - 8:00 p.m. EST (FOX) Friday: North Carolina @ Virginia Tech - 6:00 EST (ESPN)...
  12. BamaMoon

    Can stars of Spring Game do it this Fall???

    In honor of fall camp starting, I went back and watched the A-Day game yesterday. The two "stars" of the game were Bryce Young, who seems cemented as the starter for the fall, and Agiye Hall. BY constantly made big throws leading the first team. But AH was probably the star of the game...
  13. BamaMoon

    Mac Jones Related News (Cam vs. MJ in New England)

    I didn't see this posted on the "Pro" board but figured it would get a little more traction here since it's Bama football related. IMO, probably a good thing for MJ not to have the "starter" label on him. I figure he'll get plenty of PT in the NFL preseason games. Hope the cream rises to the top...
  14. BamaMoon

    Boys and Girls, 2021 Season is Coming Fast: What are your Major Questions?

    If I counted correctly, we are only about 59 days from kick-off against Miami and probably only 25 days or so to the beginning of fall camp in early August. What are the major questions you believe the 2021 team has to answer??? I'll start with this one: How hungry will this team be coming...
  15. BamaMoon

    If CFP Expands, What's the Fate of the SEC Championship Game?

    I thought this might be a good discussion separated from the thread on playoff expansion. Let's keep this about the SECCG with the assumption the playoff expands. What does the SEC (and other conferences do) about the conference championship game? What do you see as the pros and cons to keep...
  16. BamaMoon

    Spring Practice Thread

    Now that basketball is officially over, I'm interested in reading/discussing a little more now. What are y'all hearing???
  17. BamaMoon

    I Can't Help But Like Sir Charles

    I saw the meme of him saying "Roll Tide" but I know he's completely full of Auburn. But the guy is just so likable and really good at what he does for TNT/TBS. He says what most everybody is thinking. He's got to be the most likable and popular Auburn grad I can think of.
  18. BamaMoon

    Is the "Offensive Charging' Foul Out of Control?

    Let's try to make this about "charging" and let's try to stay away from talking about "officiating" in general. I've never seen so many offensive charging calls as I've seen this year. Mainly what I'm talking about is "charging" being called off of a dribble drive. What do you think is going...
  19. BamaMoon

    Bama Game Thread: Official PRE-Game Thread - Bama vs. Sooners, Jan. 30

    Earle greenlighted a pregame thread: We've got about 24 hours to discuss! TV coverage is switched to ESPN at 11:00 CST. What are your thoughts going into this big game???
  20. BamaMoon

    Supporting Cast of Super Stars: Name the best Second Fiddles

    We often talk about the best players, but most great superstars have a wingman who is willing to play second fiddle. Yet, without these people a lot of "stars" might not shine as brightly. Obviously, I'd like to hear your opinion of great Bama football players who were the supporting cast of...

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